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Camargo Trading Company is a specialty boutique store that sells a variety of beautiful things, from apparel to decorative home furnishings. ADDRESS: 7744 Laurel Ave, cincinnati, OH 45243 / Photo courtesy of Camargo Trading Company // Published: 12.24.16

The Camargo Trading Company Has Been Making Life Beautiful Since 1999

If there’s one thing in this word that can pretty much turn any day around, it’s retail therapy. Oh, and wine, but that’s an entirely different story.

To help with that retail therapy, the charming little city of Madeira has one of the loveliest shops dedicated to only the most beautiful, stylish products one can find in the Cincinnati area.


In the heart of downtown Madeira, there’s a host of restaurants and small stores. From the new A Tavola location to the fashion-forward Leeli & Lou, there’s a sprinkling of local dining and retail hotspots for all to enjoy.

And nestled right in the middle of it all is a quaint little house that sits atop the slightest of hills. While not a residence, this house is home to one of the cutest little boutiques imaginable: The Camargo Trading Company.

The shop’s owner, Meggan Sulfsted, has been the creative mastermind behind the entire operation since 1999, curating the merchandise as well as the overall shopping experience. Her entire brand has been built around a single premise: live beautifully.


The moment you walk through the doors at Camargo Trading Company, it’ll feel like a shopping fairytale. Every nook & cranny is filled with fun seasonal accents, tabletop decor, personalized gifts, and endless home furnishings.

You'll be able to find all sorts of things included (but not limited to):

  • Stylish apparel
  • Fragrances, lotions, and candles
  • Decorative dishes and ornaments
  • Handbags and jewelry
  • Fine glassware

And it may be hard to believe, but... there’s more.

Beyond their home shop, they also offer a fashion boutique and a bridal registry. Also, during the holiday season, Camargo offers cider and homemade cookies. That’s a compelling reason to visit in and of itself.


Some may call it a mecca of merchandise, a haven of home furnishings, or a shopper's paradise, but we all should call Camargo Trading Company one thing: a must-visit in Cincinnati. Peruse the gallery above for a peek at all the shop has to offer.

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Camargo Trading Company is located at 7744 Laurel Ave in Madeira.