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Sloane Boutique in Over-the-Rhine sells a selection of dresses, vintage-inspired tees, and jewelry (much of it locally sourced). New owners Ivy Costa and Camille Healy are gearing up for Spring with new offerings in the store. ADDRESS: 1216 Vine Street (45202) / Image: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff // Published: 4.11.18

Ladies Can Boost Their Spring Wardrobe With A Visit To Sloane Boutique

Spring is finally here! Okay, okay, it's here in theory. And, theoretically, with spring comes the shedding of winter coats, sweaters, and all those gloves & scarves. (Though you may want to keep those handy just in case. It is Cincinnati, after all.)

But why wait for warm weather when you can get a jump on adding a few new items to add to your spring wardrobe? And what better place to start than Sloane Boutique?

Sloane's selection of dresses, vintage-inspired tees, and jewelry (much of it locally-sourced) will make you run, not walk, to its Over-the-Rhine storefront faster than a Cincy five-day forecast changes hour-to-hour.

Sloane is operated by new owners Ivy Costa and Camille Healy. With over a decade of retail experience and running an extremely successful personal styling business, Ivy brings her sense of fashion and style, not to mention her kind and infectious personality, to the boutique.

We recently popped into Sloane to showcase the spring items and ask co-owner Ivy a few questions.

Cincinnati Refined: What style trends should we expect for spring?

Ivy Costa: We are seeing a comeback of rich colors, which I am so thrilled about! Floral and gingham patterns are a must-have. I just love that femininity is back!

CR: As a successful stylist, what drew you to own your own boutique?

IC: I was in retail for 12 years before becoming a personal stylist. I have always loved retail and am thrilled to infuse my personal style into Sloane. Obviously, I love fashion, but it's really the people that make it fun for me. Between my clients, past customers, and friends, Sloane gives me a landing spot to showcase my outlook of fashion and provide everyone with amazing clothes and customer service. I've always been about the client first in my styling career and that will show through with our customer service at Sloane.

CR: How would you describe your style and how will that reflect in the shop?

IC: I am a weird mix of edgy/feminine with a bit of tomboy in there. I love to be comfortable, so most days I am in a cool pair of sneakers, denim, LNA t-shirt, and leather jacket. I definitely do not shy away from dressing up though. It's my way to show a funkier side to my style.

CR: If Sloane style were a well-known movie, what movie would it be and why?

IC: Oh gosh...not sure yet! We have to re-define Sloane...It's a work in progress.

CR: Fill in the blank: If ______ clothing fad came back in style, it would make you run for the hills.

IC: I can't think of a specific clothing style. But if '80s hair came back, I'd be terrified.

CR: Your closet is on fire, you can grab one item. What is it?

IC: My classic black leather jacket by Veda.

- - -

Sloane Boutique is located at 1216 Vine Street (45202).