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If you love the Queen City's social scene but don't want to break the bank every time you go out, Skintcinnati is the micro-blog for you. Its mission is to get you to the best, most interesting places in the city, whether that's karaoke in OTR, a small concert in Covington, or comedy night at a bar in Northside. And as you can see, their Instagram is pretty great too, thanks to the graphic design talents of Skintcinnati contributor Maureen Newman. / Image courtesy of Skintcinnati // Published: 3.24.18

Skintcinnati Is The Social Event Calendar For Those Who Prefer Things Cheap

If I were to give this article the full Skintcinnati treatment, it would read something like this...

skintcinnati: social events for those on a budget. link. free.


and you’d be on your way, which is sort of the beauty of it. But goodness knows I love me a little prolixity (in addition to capitalized letters), so here’re about 300 more words on the subject of Cincinnati’s most useful event calendar.


If you’re wondering where the name comes from, “skint” is British slang for “poor, out of money, or broke.” You can probably suss out the rest of the portmanteau by yourself. But according to Skintcinnati founder Jean Spriggs, the blog’s name wasn’t all her idea.

Spriggs, a Cincinnati native, moved to New York City after grading from DAAP. There she was introduced to the lifestyle of the penny-pinching tastemaker through micro-blogs like Bushwick Daily and, yes, The Skint. Thus Skintcinnati, which Spriggs describes as “an homage.”

Why did she build the website in the first place? Well, when Spriggs moved back to Cincy in 2016 she was thrilled by the event scene but not so much the online event calendars. So she decided to make her own. In the effort, she enlisted long-time friend Lee Hoffman, with whom she created an early version of the site on her phone over the free WiFi at Findlay Market.

Alas, Spriggs penny-pinches no longer. At least, not in the Queen City; she moved to Seattle in 2017. But the site is as good as ever thanks to Hoffman and the awesome duo of Clara Stryker and Maureen Newman.

As to the site itself, it’s concise, it’s frill-less, and it’ll reliably get you to the most coveted, most interesting, and dare I say hippest events in the city, all without breaking the bank.

It’s also a joy to visit, adhering as it does to all the beguiling conventions of the post-ironic Millennial milieu. That is to say, it’s easy to read and ample in gifs, which is exactly what you want when you’re just trying to find out where to go on a Wednesday night.

No, you won’t (often) find the Aronoff among their recommended destinations. Nor will you find the next FC Cincinnati game or the next concert at Sawyer Point. But if there’s karaoke somewhere in OTR, or an LP release party at Urban Artifact, or a great DJ playing at The Mockbee, well, Skintcinnati is one place you can read about it.

And that, in so many words, is why you should throw them your next page view.

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Website: Visit it.