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Sarah has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, and Urban Outfitters—just to name a few—but she says she mostly enjoys spontaneously stumbling over a new, photogenic spot around the city to act as her next photo shoot set. It’s no question that Sarah makes every inch of Cincinnati look, as she puts it, “ultra” inspiring. / Image courtesy of Instagram user @katierosiee// Published: 11.19.18

Cincy Photogs Love Working With Instagram-Famous Sarah Dewald

If you’ve never wanted to be on America’s Next Top Model, you’re most likely in denial. In today’s world of everyone wanting to look flawless at all times, and having only the best images of themselves to post online, Sarah Dewald makes it look easy. I mean, over 50,000 followers on Instagram is no joke.

You can look through Sarah’s collection of photos and see such a range of diversity when it comes to her styling and poses. What is consistent in nearly all of them, however, is the fact that so many of them are taken with one of the best backdrops around: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sarah Dewald moved to Cincinnati from across the bridge in Northern Kentucky a few years ago. “OTR has since stolen my heart,” she asserts.

When asked how she got into modeling, as well as how she gained such a massive following, she admits she stumbled into it. “I started connecting with local photographers through Instagram and just fell in love with the creativity and community," she says. It’s obvious from her photos that modeling is second nature to Sarah, but it’s also her second occupation. When asked what her day job is, you'd expect her to detail some sort of Twiggy-in-training program. The truth is quite the opposite, however.

“I partner with Fortune 100 companies to design and conduct research online, enabling my clients to make smarter business decisions. I absolutely love what I do—though it's definitely high-pressure at times," she says.

To me, high-pressure is having my picture taken without a Snapchat makeup filter. Sarah, on the other hand, looks incredible in front of the camera, all while illuminating the beauty of Cincinnati.

“Honestly, my favorite thing to do is just walk around the city with a friend and find different spots spontaneously! It's more so enjoying the experience of spending quality time with them and feeling ultra-inspired by Cincy,” Sarah says.

Cincinnati photo shoots aside, Sarah has also worked for brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Macy’s, and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. She warns against being shy, advocates networking, and stresses the importance of choosing talented people to work with.

And not everything is work for Sarah. In her downtime, you can find her searching for mac & cheese around the city (Court Street Lobster Bar is her go-to at the moment) or getting cocktails with friends. At the end of the day, Sarah is just your average girl with a nine to five job—only, when she crosses a busy Downtown street, she does it so effortlessly you’d think you’re watching Audrey Hepburn dashing to Tiffany’s.

Modeling surely isn’t easy, but Sarah makes it look that way. And if photos of her don’t inspire you to get out and discover a few places and poses yourself, then I don’t know what will.

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