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Robin Wood and her daughter, Sadie Steller / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 11.21.17

Robin Wood Flowers Is An Adorable Flower Shop With A Pretty Awesome Backstory

We’ve all dreamt about having the cool mom and the cool house. You know, the house with the killer snacks like Gushers, Fruit Roll-ups, Bagel Bites. And let’s not forget about the Dunk-a-roos! At this house of fun, a cool mom resides. She asks you questions about your day and the signature eye roll, the one you've perfected with years of practice, remains holstered. Because... well, this mom is cool. And, let's be honest, that eye roll is reserved for your actual mother.

But I mean, we’ve all been there, right... dreaming up this scenario of after-school playdates and weekend sleepovers that could be summed up as "pure bliss"? Maybe you'll even be invited on the next family vacation as an honorary member. Fingers crossed!

Now while I wasn’t a childhood friend of the mother-daughter duo I’m about to introduce, I can only imagine the above description is fitting for these two.

Robin Wood is the owner of Robin Wood Flowers in Norwood. Sadie Steller is her oldest daughter. Sadie is also being groomed to take over the family business, having joined the team two years ago.

Now perhaps the name Robin Wood sounds familiar. If you don’t know her because of her flower shop, which opened in 2001, maybe it’s from the radio? Yeah, that’s probably it. For years, Robin was the “Voice of Cincinnati,” a co-host of the Dawn Patrol on WEBN. On the side, she was also playing the role of cool mom. Imagine Susan Sarandon cast in the part. I feel an impromptu dance party followed by a hug coming on.

To get a little more insight into what makes these two tick, I recently stopped by the store.

Cincinnati Refined: What flower best describes your personality?

Robin: Ha! Somewhere between a snapdragon and a sweetpea, depending on the day.

Sadie: Probably ornamental cabbage because it’s trustworthy and flexible. Certainly can’t be irresponsible and inflexible in a small, family-owned business!

When you get a hold of this elusive thing known as “free time,” you do what with it?

Robin: Work. Or nap. I also like to walk at Spring Grove Cemetery.

The most surprising thing about the floral business has been __________.

Sadie: How challenging the day-to-day can be. Specifically, the nuances of perfecting our communication with clients is a skill we hone each and every day.

The top three radio stations programmed in your car are WEBN, Mix 94.9, and WGRR.

Robin: No. WVXU and podcasts. That's it.

Did you ever think you’d take up the mantle?

Sadie: For the longest time, I never thought I would. I have a background in science and social work, and I didn’t see them as being helpful in business, nor was I very interested.

The best thing about working with your daughter is __________.

Robin: Having a confidante to process the day’s successes and problems. Watching her use her personal style in dealing with customers and co-workers. She’s very thoughtful and kind. And yes, getting to sit beside her every day.

And now you’re planning to, one day, takeover... What changed?

Sadie: As I grew up and spent time talking to my mom about the business, the idea of joining sounded much more intriguing — and challenging. Running a business is so much about finding what makes people tick and helping them find happiness, just like being a therapist/social worker!

True or False: At all times, you have a centerpiece of some sort on your kitchen table at home.

Robin: False. Always when people come home for dinner, though.

How many plants do you have in your house right now?

Sadie: I have four house plants, including a bonsai ficus fig. That one almost requires more care than my cat.

As an artist, you could fiddle with something forever, but how do you know when it’s done?

Robin: With a flower arrangement, budget usually dictates when to stop. If you fiddle with it for too long, you begin to criticize it.

On a larger scale, though when will it be time to step away from the shop?

Robin: Hopefully, not for a long time. And then, very gradually. Unless Sadie tells me to stay home.

The best part about working with your mom is ____________.

Sadie: Getting to check in with her every morning before we start “the daily grind.” I've always been insanely proud of my mom, and she has inspired me to dream big. Because of that, I plan to work as hard as I can to help move the business forward, keep our team happy, and continue to find ways to help Cincinnati learn about our little shop.

Now that we’ve officially established Robin and Sadie as the iconic mother-daughter duo, we can get down to the business of what they actual do. And that, my friends, is simple. They create happiness in the form of beautiful, custom floral arrangements.

Whether you want to send a friend a bouquet just because or, maybe, you have a party coming up that requires a whole set of arrangements either way, this is a team that’s fully equipped to handle your needs.

For more information, head to the website or you can visit them in person at 1902 Dana Avenue (45207).