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Righno is an OTR lifestyle boutique & fashion store founded by Corey Bee. ADDRESS: 1417 Vine Street (45202) / Image courtesy of Righno Boutique // Published: 3.26.17

Meet Azul, OTR's Cutest Pup & Righno Boutique's Secret Weapon

The first thing you’ll notice upon walking into OTR’s Righno Boutique isn’t the cool clothes or hip ambiance. Rather, it’s a black bear, cub-sized dog named Azul, a Chow Chow. He’s ensnared many a would-be passerby with his adorable and playful nature, myself included.

And once you get your fill of playtime with Azul (i.e. someone else comes in the store hinting at needing his/her own playtime), that’s when you start soaking up the real reason purpose of the store.

Righno was formed in 2012 when Columbus-rasied founder Corey Bee returned from California with a few ideas about how to bring European, Australian, and West Coast style to the Midwest. Our benevolent overlords, 3CDC, approached him with the Vine Street space. And the rest is (fairly recent) history.

First things first, Righno isn’t just about clothes: “We’re a lifestyle store,” insists Bee. And that’s borne out in Righno’s wares. The boutique boasts a variety of products, including skin care, socks, underwear, shoes, apparel, books, home goods, accessories, jewelry, and more — all from brands I have to assume are cool, if only because I’ve never heard of them before.

Bee adds, “Righno is a store for everything. It’s not just about one style or one fashion sense. We have all types of people coming through our doors… old and young, male and female.”

Everything Bee says is true. And while he might not want the store to be known just for its clothes, it’s hard not to be. Because, yeah, the clothing really stands out. It’s California style par excellence — effortlessly cool, colorful, and striking — and it’s what I want to be wearing all the dang time.

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Righno Boutique is located at 1417 Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine.

And if you're still oohing and ahhing over Azul, you can follow the adorable little guy on Instagram. Yes, he has his own account.