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Rebel Pilgrim is a group of storytellers, innovators, filmmakers, video production, and video marketing experts based in Cincinnati. ADDRESS: 708 Walnut St (45202) / Image courtesy of Rebel Pilgrim // Published: 3.6.18

Rebel Pilgrim Is The Agency That's All About Uncovering The Hero Of Any Story

You saw the Super Bowl commercial. The one with a toast to Fiona, Cincinnati’s hero of 2017. That spot was brought you by Rebel Pilgrim, an agency that’s all about uncovering the hero of any story.


Rebel Pilgrim

  1. A person who takes a different path and leaves an unmistakable mark on society
  2. A leader with a story so compelling it sparks people to hope and action

Founder Joe Boyd lovingly refers to the team as a band of misfits in a good way. All 12 members are individuals who didn’t quite fit the mold elsewhere. “I like to think of us as a family,” says Boyd, although his biggest fear is that he might actually be Michael Scott.


The fear makes sense, with Boyd’s background in improv and mockumentaries. After a few years in Vegas and LA working with The Second City, Boyd moved back to Cincinnati in the mid-2000s where he met Brad Wise and Isaac Stambaugh. The trio made up the creative team at the Vineyard before breaking off to pursue their shared passion for film-making under the name Rebel Pilgrim.

“It’s been our name since the beginning, but we spent some time a couple of years ago really defining what it meant to us,” he explains. “We’re always on this path of discovery.”

That path led them from documentaries to story workshops, marketing videos, and helping companies develop story-driven cultures.

Even among changes, the mission has remained the same: tell stories that inspire. The collaboration with Rookwood and the Cincinnati Zoo inspired the sellout of a run of 1,000 Fiona mugs in just two days.


So what sets Rebel Pilgrim apart? Before kicking off any project, they go into what they call a Story Dive with their clients.

Ever heard of the Hero’s Journey? Popularized by Joseph Campbell and made legendary by George Lucas’s Star Wars, it’s is the common template of all tales, involving a hero who goes on an adventure, eventually coming home transformed.

“Finding the common thread in stories is the best part,” says Content Developer Laura Buffington. “Ultimately, we’re all on this journey together, so getting to tell a story that connects people is beautiful.”

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