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Prism Pilates is a boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Oakley. ADDRESS: 3212 Madison Road (45209) / Image courtesy of Grant Moxley // Published: 4.19.18

Oakley’s Prism Pilates Is A Feel-Good Fitness Studio

For the majority of us, healthy minds and bodies are important. Because of this, the Queen City offers up quite a selection of gyms, classes, and studios from which to choose. If you're looking for an Insta-worthy studio to call your own, Prism Pilates in Oakley is the place to visit.


Just past the heart of Oakley Square (and before you reach the magnetic pull of MadTree), you'll find the new location for Prism Pilates. A series of windows guarantee a sun-drenched and cheerful studio while lush green plants throughout the space add an extra dose of liveliness. It's light, bright, and airy, beckoning guests to sweat it out in style for awhile.


Rachel Appel, the owner, is certified in a myriad of fitness practices, allowing the studio to offer a diverse selection to its guests. The only thing promised in every session is leaving feeling like you got your butt kicked by a good workout.

Sessions include:

  • Reformer Pilates: A class that incorporates the reformer Pilates machines that use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance, resulting in total body conditioning.

  • Mat Pilates: If you're looking to feel the burn, this is the class for you. This intense workout focuses on sculpting, strength, and flexibility working your arms, abs, and tush.

  • Bootcamp: Bootcamp focuses on all areas of the body, agility, speed, balance, strength, burning calories, and most of all, having fun! Classes are held both in studio and outside (weather permitting).

  • Yoga: This Vinyasa flow class maintains awareness and breathing focus while moving through a series of postures. This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility, and strength while keeping focused on proper alignment and sound structure.

Ultimately, the studio is designed to empower guests to push far beyond their fitness goals with Rachel alongside to challenge and motivate them. You can even book your spot in class online, so there's no excuse to not plan for a little self-care this season.

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Prism Pilates is located at 3212 Madison Road (45209).