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Photos: Cincy Bacchus Rocks The Phoenix

When Bacchus throws a party, you show up.
And by show up, I mean bring it.

And by "bring it," I do indeedmeanbring it.

The Bacchanalian Society, the boisterous flagship in Cincinnati's fleet ofsocial entrepreneurial /philanthropic organizations, sailed into The Phoenix on Thursday night. Continuing its string of community-building successes, the outfit unleashed yet another evening of filled-to-the-brim good times.

Now, Thursday night's festivities at the Phoenix probably wouldn't have made my man Bacchus blush. But that's most certainly a good thing. I mean, he is Bacchus, after all. God of wine, winemaking, and, oh yeah, ritual madness and ecstasy. He's probably seen some stuff. (Plus, it was Thursday. Gotta leave yourselves some room to grow, right?)

The night gained momentum while still remaining anchored in that perfectrevelry sweet spot. (Raucous and free-flowing without ever crossing the line into outright debauchery.) Bacchus would've been proud.


It's pretty simple:Bring a few bottles of wine. Do some blind taste-tests. Cut loose.And in the process Raise funds for some beyond-worthwhile local charities.

For this seasons event (yup, there's about one Bacchanalian get-together per quarter), the benefitting charity was Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati.

Cincinnati's Red Shoe Crew, the industrious folks that make up Ronald McDonald's young professionals group,worked alongside the Bacchanalians to ensure that the event was a smooth, easy-going (but still rabble-rousing) success. Nailed it!The expansive Grand Ballroom on the Phoenixs uppermost floor was as full of truly effortless laughter as it was with late '90s / early 2000s hip-hop-pop.(Mary J. Blige in full effect!)

As the happy-go-lucky young professionals cavorted, cajoled, and caroused their way through the evening (and many a brown-bagged bottle of wine), Bacchus looked down from his Olympus-adjacent vineyard. And smiled.

Then he and Ronald McDonald slapped a high-five and started a dance off.

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