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Snapping a pic of the Cincy skyline from the Licking River Historic District / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.23.18

The Pedal Wagon Is The Injection Of Fun That Your Life Needs Right Now

When I invited friends to join me on a tour of Covington via the Pedal Wagon, the initial responses weren’t as positive as I would have imagined. Like, at all.

“I swore I’d never do the pedal wagon,” said Anonymous 1.
“I actually hate the pedal wagon, but I think I could do it in Covington,” said Anonymous 2.

Though there was—thank goodness—a lone, “I feel like I’ve won something!” thrown into the pot of the mostly apprehensive knee-jerk reactions.

But here’s the thing: With the right crew, the right music, and the right bevies, the Pedal Wagon is a magical experience. I know this now—and I knew it heading into Wednesday night’s ride. I’m somewhat of a seasoned pedal party pro.

My first wagon ride took place in May of 2013. That bachelorette weekend had many highlights, but the memories from the wagon rank at (or near) the top. Since that pop-the-cherry jaunt around OTR, I’ve pedaled four other times. Each installment was a unique experience because the makeup of the squad was always different. And every single outing was a blast.

This brings us back to Wednesday. The threat of storms dissipated early. The unbearable heat from the past few days had lessened. The cooler was filled with a variety pack of White Claw. The mood was—in a word—perfect.

Ah, push it
Ah, push it
Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby
Oooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby
Get up on this!

**Pedal Party Spotify playlist**

If you’ve cruised on the Pedal Wagon before, then I’m confident memories of good times are flooding back into your medial temporal lobe. If you haven’t... well then, you're probably still suspicious of how it can be so wonderful. It's hard for me to fathom why, as the adventure has always sounded like a blast. But, nevertheless, let me put some of your concerns to rest.

  • Pedaling is not required. I mean, I think it’s kinda more fun if you do. But you don’t have to. There’s a motor and a driver.
  • You can supply your own drinks. A cooler is provided. (Glass is a no-no, however.)
  • You get discounts at select bars, which generally informs the stops along the way, but you can (more or less) go anywhere within normal touring range.
  • You select a DJ among your group to plug his/her phone device into the speaker and rock the tunes. (Choose your DJ wisely; it could make or break the experience.)
  • You get to hang out with your friends and pedal around the city we're super lucky to call home.

Look around—this place is gorgeous, especially when viewing Cincinnati from the Licking River Historic District in Covington. If any of you are shaking your heads...

... scroll back to the top and check out that lead photo. I said gorgeous. I meant gorgeous. Yep, gorgeous.

Beyond the scenic backdrop Covington & the Queen City skyline provided, the best part of the night was sharing laughs with friends. That sounds super cheesy, I know. But it’s also 100% true. Because the best memories happen on random weekday nights, when that magical mix of new friends and old friends come together for a progressive dance party on a moving vehicle.

- - -

The Pedal Wagon is, in essence, a traveling dance party, and it offers cruises in Cincinnati, Covington, Dayton, and Columbus. Riders must be 21 (or older) to participate. For more information, visit the website.