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Ori excels at landscaping and remodeling, but that's not all they do anymore. Now they grow and harvest organic crops for their clients, giving the harvested produce back to the community. / Image courtesy of Ori Landscaping and Remodeling

This Local Company Is Harvesting Organic Crops For The Community

Ori Landscaping & Remodeling is a different kind of business.

Sure, it does the ordinary landscaping things and it does them exceptionally well, from trimming to weeding to pest control to soil pH testing to restoration.

It has also conquered home restoration, remodeling, repair, and maintenance. That’s an important consideration if you’re looking to make some much needed home improvements before winter.

Now Ori is moving into something we can all agree is cool: organic farming. In addition to growing organic, sustainable, and healthy food on their own, Ori’s agricultural specialists aide in installing, maintaining, and harvesting farms for their customers. The food Ori grows is sold to businesses in the community.

That’s what happened just last month, when Ori’s crew spent hours in the dirt harvesting fresh produce that was later used by the local Clermont County food bank for the weekly meals they serve.


That word – community – is important to Ori’s Jason Michaels. But not in the buzzword-y way, where it's an empty means of corporate ingratiation. Nope. Michaels invokes the community because it’s integral to his work.

In landscaping and remodeling, a home’s place in the community determines what sort of alterations are warranted. Ori takes the community’s layout and aesthetic into account to determine what is appropriate for its customers’ homes. That makes a difference.

But on a more aspirational level, Michaels believes Ori’s work of rejuvenating existing homes – that is, bringing out their full potential – can rejuvenate entire communities as well.

Looking at Ori’s work, his belief seems validated. Because what Ori has done is very, very cool.


Michaels is adamant that Ori Landscaping & Remodeling isn’t just another firm in the marketplace. It’s a different kind of business making a difference in the lives of its employees, whom it engages and properly trains while providing meals for them every day.

(By the way, Ori is taking resumes. Email yours to

Michaels would demand nothing less from a company bearing the Ori name, which has come to symbolize a guiding light for him and his family.

“The light is what we all strive for in our journey to become better people. It’s our inspiration or desire,” says Michaels. “My employees are my inspiration to be a better owner and manager. It’s a family thing.”

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Want to learn more about Ori’s landscaping, remodeling, and organic farming services? Check out their website.