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Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Week was a huge success, propelling many local people into a paying apprenticeship. But there's still time to sign up! / Image: Sherry Hopkins

National Apprenticeship Week Was A Success, And There's Still Time to Sign Up

Last week, aspiring apprentices gathered for National Apprenticeship Week in training centers across Greater Cincinnati to learn how they could be the best of the best.

That is... the best electricians, sheet metal workers, plumbers, pipe fitters, and many other superlative professionals working in skilled trades. Hundreds of contractors in all aspect of construction need – repeat: need – talented people.

National Apprenticeship Week is about bringing awareness to a less talked about career path to the forefront. For the right person, male or female, one may find the union skilled trades programs to be a pretty good deal. Learning hands-on skills, good wages plus benefits, a sense of purpose in work, and...

(Yes, this deserves its own paragraph:) No college debt.

Even if you missed last week’s workshops and classes, there’s still time to investigate and apply for a great apprenticeship. Head to for more information about how you can jump-start your career.