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The MET Club is a 25-year-old membership-based organization situated at the top of Covington's tallest building. / Address: 50 E Rivercenter Boulevard, Suite #1900, Covington, KY 41011. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 10.28.16

The MET Club Proves That The Best View Of Cincinnati Is Actually In Kentucky

Twenty five years ago, the prestigious Metropolitan Club (known colloquially as MET Club) pulled back its velvet rope for the first time and ushered in a new era for social enterprises. Unlike its Queen City counterparts across the river, MET Club’s unique perspective 19 stories above Covington soil literally set it apart from the rest.

Perched at the very top of Rivercenter I, it’s higher than any other place in Covington. It has, without a doubt, the best seat in the entire region for seeing Cincinnati head-on.

And you’d assume that a club that high up is probably stuffy and pretentious, right? Well, I’m pleased to tell you that you’re flat out wrong.

You can wear jeans to this club because they’re more interested in the mind and talent you bring with you than the slacks you’re wearing. It’s not about pomp and circumstance; it’s about connecting with others in a real, human way.


  • Chef Kelsey Yerger has been the head chef for their in-house restaurant the entire 25 years MET Club has existed. A chef staying in one location for that long is almost unheard of.
  • MET Club’s Roebling Room is a dining room with a panoramic view of Cincinnati. Did you hear that? ... Pan-o-ramic!


November 5th marks the 25th year MET Club has been open. And to market this significant milestone, they're throwing a party for all 750 members.

If you’re under 35 and interested in becoming a member and having access to this amazing club to bring your friends and business contacts (and you definitely will), there’s a one-time $400 deposit and it’s $96/month after that. Keep in mind, 70% of that goes to charity. You’re doing the community a service by joining MET Club.

Plus, just imagine how impressed a date will be when you take them up the express elevator to the Roebling Room for meal with an unparalleled view on a Friday night.


The MET Club (located at 50 E. Rivercenter Boulevard, Suite #1900, Covington, KY 41011) is the unpretentious club with a view unlike any in the entire city.

Find the velvet ropes surrounding the express elevator, and head to the top!