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Mayhem Mansion is one of the best and most terrifying haunted houses around. But there's another reason you should go: Proceeds go to support the Boone County FOP Cops and Kids program. So, in the words of Ron Weasley, you're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it. // Image courtesy of Mayhem Mansion

Why The Scares At Mayhem Mansion Are For A Good Cause

Sometime during your visit to Mayhem Mansion, perhaps as you’re staring into the face of a murderous butcher intent on cleaving you apart, you’re going to be gripped by an agonizing, inescapable dread. And when that happens, it’ll be helpful to remember this one thing:

You’re doing it for a good cause.

Um, ok. But seriously... Mayhem Mansion, the award-winning haunted house in Northern Kentucky, uses its proceeds to support an effort of the Boone County Fraternal Order of Police called the Cops and Kids Program.

We’ll talk more about that program in a minute, but for now lets just call it Reason #1 you’ll want to go to Mayhem Mansion. After all, I can’t imagine anyone, and I mean anyone, would willingly subject themselves to that type of fear just for fun.

And if you would, well... you’re made of stronger stuff than I am.


We won’t give too much away, but upon entering Mayhem Mansion -- also known as the Haverford family estate -- you’ll be transported back to the 1930s. The Haverfords made bank running moonshine during prohibition, but sadly Mr. Haverford’s daughter Elizabeth has fallen ill and died. The locals say Mr. Haverford has passed into madness from grief, but you’ll have to go to young Elizabeth’s funeral to find out for yourself.

The mansion is an old-school haunted house. No animatronics, no extravagant props, no fog machines. Nothing, in short, that will distract you from the experience, which is provided by a team of 30+ volunteers in makeup and authentic costumes.

Then there’s the house itself -- dilapidated with fading paint, weathered molding, and fraying accents. It has the uncanny feel of any old home, strange, inviting, and full of secrets. Except this old home happens to be made of nightmares.


Mayhem Mansion operates for the purpose of raising funds for the Boone County FOP Cops and Kids Program. The program allows the FOP to take approximately 24 elementary school students shopping for Christmas presents.

Mayhem Mansion also mentors high schoolers that volunteer as actors. The haunted house provides the students service opportunities and teaches them good work ethic.

So yeah, while you’re screaming your guts out and running through the maze faster than Usain Bolt in the 200 meter, you can be happy in the knowledge that everything you’re experiencing is for a good cause.

Not that it’ll actually help your situation. But hey, you’re the one that signed up.

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If you're over 18 and really in the mood to be scared, Mayhem Mansion will be holding an Extreme Adults Only night November 5, 2016.

For information about regular admission tickets and the Extreme Adults Only night, visit Mayhem Mansion’s website.