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Let It Bee is a local mother-daughter team creating small batch, treatment-free, raw honey right here in Cincinnati. / Image courtesy of Let It Bee // Published: 3.25.18

Get The Buzz On This Homegrown Honey Business Called Let It Bee

If you pop down to your neighborhood farmer's market, you'll be greeted by a myriad of local vendors and purveyors of good food. Cincy's local food market is buzzing with new additions every season. One of my latest favorites is small batch honey from Let It Bee. Spread it on biscuits, drizzle it over goat cheese, or stir it into lemonade. However you like your honey, you're bound to like it more when it's from right here in Cincinnati.


As if a homegrown honey business wasn't sweet enough, Let It Bee is run by mother-daughter duo, Susan and Kate McKenzie. A few years ago, Kate was living in central Kentucky where she helped a friend harvest honey from her farm and fell in love with the process. When she returned to Cincinnati, she convinced her avid gardener of a mother to join in on the hobby.


As health-conscious gals, they decided that "organic" beekeeping was the way to go, so they stick to creating treatment-free, small batches of raw honey that are minimally filtered. What's all this bee jargon mean? Essentially, their honey maintains the maximum amount of nutritional value and natural taste! That store bought honey bear doesn't compare.


It's not all honeycombs and funny outfits, although there is quite a bit of that. Do beekeepers get stung? Heck yeah, they do. Kate claims that the suit and veil are helpful, but certainly not impenetrable. The team manages two different apiaries (that's a fancy word for a collection of beehives). One is located in Anderson and one is near the Ohio River.

Head to the gallery above to sneak a peek at the inner workings of their beekeeping process and products.

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If you're interested in placing an order with Let It Bee, shoot them an email at You can also check out @letitbeecincy on Instagram or Facebook.