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Lemonwood Imprints is a full-service gift and stationery brand intended to bring beauty, levity, and delight to others. Founder Francesca Greggs balances beautiful design with her unique wit and charm. Browse the shop at / Image courtesy of Lemonwood Imprints // Published: 3.8.18

Lemonwood Imprints Brings Equal Parts Sass, Levity, & Delight In Its Art & Stationery

There’s a running joke with my closest friends that one of them is the real-life George Costanza and that I might just be Elaine. This leaves the third of our trio as some combination of Jerry and Kramer, which is pretty fitting for the friend that’s over-analyzing a situation one minute and creating and eliciting a belly laugh from us in the next breath. We’ve even mastered the Monk’s CafĂ© vibe, making a home base out of Court Street’s recently-closed Avril-Bleh.

All of this is to say, I’ve found the perfect card for my future significant other. Imagine the Seinfeld logo with the show’s namesake replaced with “You are totally sponge-worthy.” (If you were a fan of the show, you totally get the reference.)

It’s rare that you find a card with that level of sass. Well, that was until I discovered Lemonwood Imprints.

Francesca Greggs, the Cincinnati native (and Seven Hills High School alum) behind the illustrations, packs a punch with her sassy cards and witty art prints. She doesn’t just design cards. There’s an entire collection of art as well. And I know I can’t be the only swooning over the hanging print that reads: YOU HAD ME AT MERLOT.

Lemonwood Imprints got its start from Greggs' deep love of beer, curiosity for brewing methods and history, and fervor for illustration. It was the perfect recipe, resulting in her designing a beer infographic that instantly had friends clamoring to purchase it. Greggs officially launched the business in 2014, setting up shop in Los Angeles, and has been selling her art prints and stationery ever since. Her products are sold online as well as at a handful of small stationery shops in LA, San Francisco, and New York.

Seriously, her work is great. It’s no wonder Brit + Co added her to their #MakerCrush list. Scroll through the gallery above to see some of my favorites and why I adore Lemonwood Imprints so much.

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Looking for a cheeky card of your own? Head to Lemonwood's website for more.