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Krewe: Masquerades & Mardi Gras

While most Bacchanalian Society Gatherings begin with a hint of sophistication only to turn into a how much wine can you pound on a Thursday night, rhymes with "pit" show, Krewe makes no attempts at disguising the debauchery. The disguises, in fact, are only intended to add to the flava flave. As a masquerade Mardi Gras inspired annual event, Krewe is a party unlike any other. And when you set the hype at the penthouse suite level, then you better deliver. What I love about the Bacchanalian Society is that it always does.

The location for Krewe wasn't revealed until a day before the event, and thus, there is a reason "location, location, location" has become a thing. Held inside the 580 building, on the abandoned second floor, this was a venue the Cincy social circuit had yet to encounter. With plenty of floorspace, easy parking, and a view of the downtown entertainment district, it made for a perfect spot to pull out all the stops.

DJ Etrayn killed it on the turntables. Serving up one of the best sets at a party I've ever laid witness to by smoothly transitioning between pop culture hits, old school favorites, and get 'em up on the dance floor irresistible wobbles, if I hadn't been snapping pics, I would have been front and center surely soaked in a bath of Smirnoff and cranberry and Yuengling.

We've covered the location and entertainment, but how about the people? You can't have a party unless you have the right crowd. The ladies did their part in the five-inch heels and gorgeous feathered masks, and the gents rocked sleek tuxes (along with a few properly regaled phantoms). Case in point: we looked good. Real good.

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