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Koop Diamond Cutters will be donating 5 percent of all sales to the Make-A-Wish Foundation this Friday and Saturday. So get your jewelry shopping out of the way early and give back to a great cause at the same time. / ADDRESS: 214 East Eighth Street, Downtown Cincinnati / Image: Brian Planalp

Koop Diamond Cutters Is Giving A Portion Of All Sales This Weekend To Make-A-Wish

After suffering a stroke during birth, Justin Koop’s youngest daughter Audrey spent the first two weeks of her life in Cincinnati Children’s NICU.

That was several years ago. Now Audrey is a healthy, curious five-year-old. But the experience had lasting effects on Justin, who still feels a duty to give back to children in need.

To that end, on the two most significant shopping days of the year, Justin will be donating five percent of all sales at Koop Diamond Cutters to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he hopes to send at least one child on the vacation of his/her dreams.

That’s Black Friday, November 24 from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday, November 25 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Customers who shop on those days can also expect 65 to 70 percent off items in the showroom.


Situated on Eighth Street in Downtown Cincinnati, Koop Diamond Cutters was founded in 1966 by Justin’s grandfather, Clarence Koop. Over time he and Justin’s father, Butch, cultivated the business’s reputation for exceptional in-house craftsmanship and design.

To this day, everything is done in-house, from the design to the metal work to the casting to the finishes. Certainly the process has changed since the '60s, most notably the CAD/CAM software that Justin wields with purpose and precision. But all savings from Koop’s factory-direct business model are still passed on to customers, who very often leave the store with better jewelry than can be found elsewhere at far lower prices.

As you can imagine, that means Koop Diamond Cutters has a lot of customers. They range from long-time Cincinnati families to first-time jewelry buyers to clients all over the world, and they keep Justin and his employees busy. In fact, they keep ‘em so busy that when Justin enlists Audrey and her sister Stella at the store on weekends, he’s not just doing it to teach them about hard work.

He’s also doing it because he can use all the extra hands he can get, no matter how small they are. And if one day a pair of those hands should turn Koop from a third-generation family business into a fourth-generation family business... well, that would be fine with him.

Justin doesn’t long for that moment, though. For now, he’s happy to have two beautiful, healthy daughters by his side.

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Koop Diamond Cutters is located at 214 East Eight Street in Downtown Cincinnati. For more information, visit their website.