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iPhone Users: This Cincy-Based Dog Training App Is Free for 90 Days

It's kind of an awesome time to be a dog. Their people are home, they're going for more walks, and while there haven't been formal numbers published, head pats and snout scritches are definitely on the rise.

They've no idea what's happening, nor do they care; they just love this fresh abundance of attention. March/April 2020 will go down in dog history books as an age of extra treats, seemingly endless fetch, bottomless belly rubs, and inexplicably ever-present parents (who apparently never wear anything but sweat pants now).

Since dogs and people are currently spending a good chunk of their days together, now's as good a time as any to teach pups new tricks or train away any of their less-than-desirable behaviors. To do that, Cincinnati's own Harper, an app-based dog training studio, is available for iPhone users right now.

While usually subscription-based, Harper is offering a 90-day free trial starting today. That means if you download it now (on March 27th) you won't have to pay to use the app until June 25th. That gives you three months of free games you can play with your dog, 30 guided training courses, and live chat resources. I downloaded the app yesterday to check it out, and I'm personally eager to start my 90-day trial with my own dog. The app is slick and easy to use.

Harper can help you and your dog remedy behavior issues like jumping and separation anxiety, teach them new tricks, or just have some good old-fashioned fun together to deepen your bond. The idea is to make dog training entertaining by creating regular exercises that both the pup and person enjoy together in the comfort of their own home. All training is based on positive techniques.

Also, if you're an animal shelter, adoption agency, or temporary dog foster parent, Harper is making its app totally free for you during this time.

You can download the app here. It's free for 90 days, then $9.99 a month after the trial is up.

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For more information, check out Harper's website. Harper is based in Pendleton.