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David Holman shoots on film using both a 35mm and medium format camera. His Instagram account, @davidonoccasion, is definitely worth checking out. / Image: David Holman // Published 4.24.17

Turns Out This BLOC Coffee Barista Is Also A Pretty Darn Good Photographer

Coffee barista by day and lifestyle film photographer by night, David Holman (21) is a guy you should get to know.

When he's not brewing coffee or taking photos, you can usually find him collecting things from antique shops.

Cincinnati Refined: Where were you born and raised?

David Holman: I was born in Minneapolis. I currently live in Burlington, KY.

CR: What does a normal day for you look like?

Holman: I work at BLOC Monday through Friday. Usually, I open and close the shop. I kinda have the whole day to myself after that. Not many crazy adventures during the week. Weekends are usually trips.

Note: BLOC is located in Price Hill. It closes at 4pm M-F.

CR: What camera do you use?

Holman: Pentax 6-7, a medium format film camera

CR: What's your favorite thing to photograph?

Holman: Portraits with a mountain background

CR: Describe the perfect photo location?

Holman: Lake Wanaka in New Zealand or Vance Creek Bridge in Olympic National Park

CR: If you could have any camera, what would it be?

Holman: Rolleiflex on a wooden stock

CR: Other than photography, any talents?

Holman: I mean, I’m good at coffee.

CR: Something you have on you at all times?

Holman: My jean jacket. Nice and warm, not too heavy to wear around.


We have a whole gallery of examples of David's work above, or follow him on Instagram @davidonoccassion.