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The new Homee app is basically like having an on-demand handyman for all your home repair needs. And now, it's in Cincinnati. / Image courtesy of Homee

Homee, The New, On-Demand Handyman App Is Now Available In Cincy

The fast-growing Homee app is ubering home repair in Greater Cincinnati.

By “ubering,” I mean offering a reliable on-demand service through a smartphone app. Uber ubered taxis, AirBNB ubered hotels and now Homee is ubering plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, and handymen.

Yes, I know this reads like a game of Mad Libs gone horribly wrong. But at least now you have some sense of what Homee is trying to do—that is, disrupt an entire industry by being more convenient than the alternative.

How did it get off the ground? Well, let’s begin with a rapidly flooding master bathroom circa 2015.


Dave Theus was remodeling said master bathroom on a weekend when his wife and kids were away. Dave demo’d the bathroom solo, and because he’s pretty good at this stuff, it went fairly smoothly. Then Dave cracked a copper pipe and, well, things pretty much fell off a cliff from there. He had to stop the water to his entire house and he couldn’t get a plumber until the following Tuesday. Bum bum bum.

If only Dave had a second pair of hands there to assist him, maybe he wouldn’t have cracked that pipe. Maybe he wouldn’t have had to shut off the water. Maybe, just maybe his wife would never have had to know about his mistake.

Alas, Homee hadn’t been invented yet. But of course that’s only because Dave was the one to invent it, right there, while deciding the best way to inform his family that unfortunately he had broken their house.


Doug Schaedler was out of town when the AC went out in his home. That wouldn’t have been a big deal except it was summer, and Doug lives in Florida, and Doug is married—meaning his wife was the one to suffer.

And suffer she did. Because to his considerable regret, Doug ran into the same issue as Dave. The HVAC techs weren’t available immediately. Bum bum bum, indeed.

But a week later something funny happened: Doug actually ran into Dave on a business trip. They shared experiences — I believe the word is "commiserated" — and at once, Homee was born.


Download the app: Here if you’re an Apple fanboy (it’s a term of art). Here if you’re a Google, uh, person (that’s obviously not).

Your stuff stops working(!!!): This one is pretty self explanatory. Your toilet is being a jerk, your HVAC is doing nothing, or you have general need for a handyman.

Panic for like a second before remembering you did number one: Pull out your phone and open the app. It will display a map of the closest (plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, and handymen) in your area. Then click on a service provider to see best price and availability. Choose one, and you’re off to the races.

The expert arrives: And you can be assured of their expertise by Homee, which carefully screens each potential service provider and even goes along on every provider’s first assignment to make sure they’re up to snuff. The providers are also rated by users (and users by providers) to ensure transparency.

Watch the clock: The Homee app has a timer that starts when the provider arrives and stops when they leave for breaks, so you’re only billed for the time they’re working. (Of all the ways in which Homee is better than the alternative, this is my favorite.)

You pay a low price, and that’s that: The business model “cuts out the middle man,” ensuring the best service for the lowest cost. And money never changes hands, at least not literally. You pay through the app, so there aren’t any forms to sign or checks to write. Just tap and that’s it.

Except, one more thing: Insurance. All projects come with a $1000 Homee guarantee, and Homee is insured for all work performed. (It’s not the sexiest nugget of information here, but it’s the most important.)

So there it is, folks. Whether it’s your plumbing or your AC, whether you’re an end user or a service provider, whether you're a multi-family residence or a commercial firm… Homee is the on-demand solution for you.

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Want to learn more about Homee? Check out their website.