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Henderson Music has the experience to help you find the right piano for you and your family. / Address: 12104 Montgomery Road 45249 / Image: Daniel Smyth

Why A Piano Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Family

It’ll probably never be at the top of their Christmas lists, but a piano can be one of the best investments you make for your kids.

Now, I could reference all sorts of scientific studies explaining why that’s the case, but let’s just take it as a given, ok? Ok.

Moving on, the question becomes where you get your piano. And you should go somewhere... specifically, a store that specializes in pianos. Because these suckers are living, breathing things that require skill to play and to care for.

So with all that in mind, I’m gonna make a recommendation: Henderson Music.


Why? Well, the biggest reason to go anywhere is the experience of its staff. And Henderson Music has experience 150 years of it. That includes the expertise of Brian Henderson, who’s been in the piano business since 1973.

Part deux is quality. Henderson Piano has that too, as it’s the authorized dealer of Baldwin and Pearl River pianos as well as Kurszweil Digital pianos.

“Those are good brands, huh?” (Yeah, they’re good brands.)

Then there’s Henderson Music’s stock of used pianos. They carry a lot of ‘em, in every style, ensuring you can find whatever you’re looking for.

And, finally, let’s talk about that investment. To ensure your piano purchase continues to yield dividends in perpetuity (finance jargon, amiright guys?), you should also invest in some piano lessons for the youngsters. You can do that at Henderson Music’s Florence store, whose location you can find here.


I’m not trying to convince you to buy a piano. What I’m saying is if you have the slightest inclination to invest in one for you or your rug rats, you should check out Henderson Music.

They’ll take it from there.

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Henderson Music has locations in Florence, Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Its Cincinnati store is located at 12104 Montgomery Road 45249. Give them a call at 513.697.0000, or check out their website.