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We're Totally Obsessed With Hank's Pocket, & Soon You Will Be Too

The greatest missing person’s report that you’ve never heard about is, in fact, not about a person at all. Rather, it’s about the increasing disappearance of pockets in women’s clothing.

I can already tell that a lot of you are nodding your heads in agreement. And it’s because you’ve endured this painful loss one too many times.

First, they came for the athletic shorts.
Then, they came for the jeans.
Then, they came for the jackets.
Then, they came for Hannah King's tote bag.

But Hannah spoke out. She said enough already. You can no longer fool us with fake pockets, pockets that only fit a cough drop, or, the worst offense, no pockets at all. “I will take a stand,” she roared. “We will bring pockets out of the Dark Ages and into the light once again.”

And that’s exactly what she’s done with Hank’s Pocket. Imagine a vest (almost like a hunting vest, but way more stylish) that solves all of our pocketless problems. That’s Hank’s Pocket for you. Founded in September 2016, this local startup (based in Loveland) offers vests in varying colors & sizes, all of which include a minimum of three pockets.

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of prayers being answered. Thank you, Hannah, a true life saver.


To find out more about Hank’s Pocket... I mean, to purchase your own (‘cause you know that’s exactly what you’re about to do), hit up the website or follow ‘em on Instagram.