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Greenline Salon has been saving peoples' hair and the environment since 2013. Located at the corner of West 6th and Russell Streets in Covington, Greenline’s eclectic atmosphere and passion for using products that are as green as their building's walls keep clients coming back again and again. ADDRESS: 201 West 6th Street (41011) / Image: Katie Robinson, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 9.17.18

Get Your Hair Done While Protecting the Planet at Greenline Salon

Stepping into Covington's Greenline Salon, you’re immediately welcomed by the scent of lavender oil and the sound of a smooth, alt-rock playlist. Owls adorn each room and represent “wisdom, intuition, and being strong-willed,” virtues by which the stylists at Greenline live by when it comes to their clients.

Owners and stylists Ashley Bierschbach and Caitie Mix brought the salon to life in 2013. After previously working together, they discovered a shared passion for not only making people look and feel their best, but doing so in a way that protects the environment. Greenline does this by exclusively using Aveda products.

Aveda’s hair and beauty line is cruelty-free and uses organic materials. The company promotes the conservation of the planet by partnering with non-profit organizations that provide access to clean water for people in addition to participating with other global environmental causes.

Ashley says Greenline does its part to give back to the environment and community as well. Every year, they participate in a fundraiser held at Braxton Brewing Company called “Save Water, Drink Beer” (enough said). Proceeds from the event go to clean water projects through Kentucky Waterways.

When it comes to the unique name of the salon, there are multiple avenues that led the owners to Greenline. “We wanted to be aligned with a green and eco-friendly product line. A ‘green line’ of sorts. Then we found our green building next door to the church with green steeples, and it just stuck,” says stylist Kelsey Miller.

The owners originally wanted the name for historic purposes, referring to the Green Line streetcars that ran through Covington from the late 1800s to 1950s. They nixed the idea, thinking people wouldn’t understand it. But when they discovered the building they picked sat on the Old Green Liner’s route (and just happened to be painted green), “Everything serendipitously fell into place,” Ashley says. Both owners were excited to be in the service of connecting people from around the region in an area that was being revitalized at the time, just like the Green Liner once did decades prior.

If Earth conservation or cool Covington history doesn’t get you in the door, consider the fact that guests can also pick between a complimentary hand massage or a facial while their hair is getting washed. Say goodbye to your dark roots and your stress.

Aside from hair services, Greenline offers manicures, pedicures, facial waxing, makeup, and even bridal styling for your big day.

Great hair, free massage, environmentally friendly: all bases covered for a relaxing and guilt-free salon experience. So when your hair is getting hectic, and you’re searching for somewhere eclectic, your needs will be met at Greenline Salon.

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Greenline Salon is located at 201 West 6th Street (41011).

Also, Greenline Salon is celebrating its 5th year in business on September 28th. Food, drinks, and live music will grace the party held at the salon. All proceeds go toward Renaissance Covington, a non-profit organization focused on revitalizing downtown Covington.