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Katie and Jeff Wilson are gift-giving masters now thanks to giftUP, the local startup that promises to be your go-to online gift concierge. Use promo code 513REFINED to get half off their Loved One Package, which grants unlimited events for one giftee for one year. Or start your free trial now! / Image: Daniel Smyth

The Local Startup That'll Turn You Into A Gift-Giving Master

Local newlyweds Katie and Jeff Wilson absolutely nailed their gifts last year. Jeff, for example, got his wife a sweater from a local boutique, and she loved it. Katie, meanwhile, got her mother merlot-infused coffee beans. And to no one’s surprise, she loved them too.

Who are these master gift-givers, these standout purchasers of presents, these lionhearted two? Well, they’re just like you and me. Except they use giftUP, meaning the days of last-minute gift cards and “free hug” coupons are over.

“This is the perfect way to keep the gifts unique and tailored to each person you’re buying for,” says Katie of using the online gift concierge. “With giftUP I know that I’m giving a gift that my friends and family will like!”


Glad you asked, because it’s super simple.

First, you choose the person and occasion for which you need a gift. Maybe it’s multiple people and multiple occasions; that’s ok, just plug ‘em into your giftUP account and, as an event approaches, the giftUP team will use the info you provided to return a list of gifts tailored to the giftee. Then you pick the one they’ll like best, either through the retailer or through giftUP's website, and voila! Gift-getting complete.

But it gets better, because giftUP becomes more useful the more you use it. Jeff discovered as much last year, to the benefit of his gift recipients.

“We have a big family and it’s difficult to keep track of all the birthdays and special events,” Jeff says. “Now I don’t have to worry about that because giftUP notifies me via email a couple weeks before an event with gift suggestions. The service is a life saver, and I no longer have to worry about missing an event!"

Email notifications, folks. They’re a game changer. Luckily, they’re baked in to giftUP's entire system. Here’s how: Say you select their Loved One Package, which grants unlimited events for one giftee for one year. With it, you’ll always know what gift-giving occasions are on the horizon, whether a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or whatever. So, well before it’s time to panic, you’ll have your gifts purchased, wrapped, and ready to go. (Well, maybe not wrapped yet, but you get the point.)

Best of all, giftUP's team is offering fifty percent off that Loved One Package with the promo code 513REFINED. Get that package here.

Or, if you wanna try the service out first, you can get a free trial by following this link. If you hurry, you can even hop on board in time for Valentine's Day 2018!

Either way, happy gifting folks!

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For more information about giftUP, visit their website.