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"Cars & Coffee" takes place every Saturday at Fuel Coffee (2726 Riverside Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202). / Image: Austin Coop

Every Saturday, Fuel Coffee Turns Into A Mecca For Car Fanatics

Mustangs, Cobras, and coffee -- oh my!
If it’s a Saturday morning, you’ll find all three at Fuel Coffee's “Cars & Coffee.”

During the week, Fuel is a humble/cozy coffee stand serving groggy travelers headed downtown from the East Side.

But every Saturday...?

Every Saturday, this place becomes the rallying point for motorheads throughout the Queen City.


From the vintage to the custom to the new -- from motorcycles to exotics (like Ferraris) to classics (like Mustangs and even real Shelby Cobras) -- you’ll find a little bit of everything at this weekly gathering spot.

Of course, dragging yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning can be rough. (Even if it's to go scope on some beautiful cars.) Good thing your destination is fully equipped to fight that morning fog. Grab a coffee, latte, or other caffeinated beverage before exploring the sweet sweet rides and mingling with other auto fanatics.


A typical “Cars & Coffee” at Fuel runs from 8am-noon, with cars coming & going at different times. So if you're game to post up at one of their multiple outdoor tables for a few hours, you’ll see a parade of Cincy’s finest four- and two-wheel creations.

“Cars & Coffee,” however, shouldn’t be the only time you make a pit stop at Fuel. This little coffee bar has plenty to offer during the week as well. Grab a coffee & pastry and keep on trucking into the city. Or you could always just sit outside and and enjoy a nice moment with the sunshine, your morning paper, and the sounds of the road.

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Fuel Coffee is located at 2726 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202.