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First Star has a fun work environment, its employees have unlimited earning potential, and it gets out into the community. Could be a great place for your next job! / Image courtesy of First Star Logistics

First Star Is A Great Place For Millennials To Work In Cincinnati

Looking to work in a fun work environment with a company that gets involved in the community? First Star Logistics could be your next job.

Oh, You Mean The Guys That Do Bengals Nation?

Yep. If you've heard of First Star before, it's probably from their generous sponsorship of community events like Opening Day's Rally On The Square and (the aforementioned) Bengals Nation. But it wasn't so long ago—2008, in fact—that the company was just a small shipping and logistics firm.

Eight years of stellar growth later, First Star isn’t so small anymore. Nor is it finished growing. Why? Surely we can start with that community engagement. But when you get down to it, it's all about a great work environment and the compelling earnings potential of its jobs.

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An Integral Business In A City That’s Does It Well

Everything you own that isn’t locally made and small batch comes to you by way of the shipping and logistics industry. It’s the cardiovascular network powering the U.S. economic corpus, and its heart is Cincinnati. (Must be the German thing.)

Good for us, right? Good for you, jobseeker. Because as the industry grows, the jobs are flowing into town. Especially at First Star, which has dozens of offices around the country, more than 500 trucks stateside, and...

Unlimited Earning Potential In New Age Digs

Truly. First Star Logistics sports a commission percentage that is among the highest in the industry. There’s no limit on how much an account executive can earn. And if you need further incentive, maybe a sales competition that earns the winner a trip to Las Vegas will do the trick.

But as you can see from the gallery, this isn’t a Dickensian sweatshop, and it isn’t “Office Space” either. The environment is laid back and familial. There are TVs throughout and a break area with tablets for browsing the web (or creating that next sale) while eating lunch.

Above all, it’s an open environment where you’re encouraged to succeed. And even if you strip away everything else, that makes for a pretty exciting job opportunity.

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First Star Logistics is a unique asset based global logistics provider. Find out more about the company on their website.