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Rookwood Pottery has partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to create a Fiona the Hippo Christmas tree ornament. 20% of the proceeds made will be funneled into the Cincinnati Zoo Conservation Fund. It costs $25. / Image courtesy of Rookwood Pottery Company // Published: 11.10.17

Fiona The Hippo Gets Her Very Own Rookwood Pottery Christmas Ornament

In the spirit of making the most of Twitter's new 280 character limit: FIONA FIONA FIONA FIONA FIONA FIONA FI--

--Alright, I won't do the whole 280, but you get the idea. Fiona is lovely, and I (along with apparently half the world) love that little hippo something fierce. Should I apologize for my unadulterated enthusiasm? As if.

That said, you can imagine how quickly my attention turned to Rookwood Pottery's new Fiona the Hippo Christmas ornament when I began seeing it online. Scrolling through Instagram, I happened upon a sweet photo of a hand dangling it over the edge of her cove. Fiona, with one plump paw resting on the wall to barely elevate her reach, curiously sniffed it with her bristly, grey muzzle.

It was adorable, to say the least.

As a yearly participant of festooning a fake pine tree with innumerable hangable trinkets to celebrate American consumerism Christmas, this was obviously in my wheelhouse. And, based on the reaction it received on social media, it's in the wheelhouse of many others too.

It's clearly going to be a holiday hit, and many local trees will feature little Fiona this year. But purchasing the ornament for your own collection isn't the end of the story. Rookwood partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to donate 20% of the proceeds to the zoo's Conservation Fund.

Yes, supporting Rookwood and adding this ornament to your tree will directly help our zoo and that same little hippo we love. It costs $25.

It's a Christmas miracle.

- - -

Rookwood Pottery is hosting a Holiday Open House at 1920 Race St. (45202) to celebrate the Fiona ornament and a variety of other new pieces. It'll take place Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm both days. Facility tours are available during specific hours.