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As FC Cincinnati gets off to another stellar season of soccer in 2018, head to their 4th Street store for all the best merchandise, including apparel, glasses, koozies, blankets, flags, and authentic jerseys. ADDRESS: 43 East 4th Street (45202) / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 3.29.18

FCC's Store Has Everything You Need To Start The Season On The Right Fut

There’s a little soccer team ‘round these parts that’s had some success when it comes to puttin’ butts in the seats and merch’ on the streets. Maybe you’ve heard of ‘em?

(I’m honestly not trying to sound like a yokel, this is just what’s happening.)

Yep, it’s FC Cincinnati, come to save our beleaguered Cincinnati sporting souls with a magical run right into the welcoming arms of Major League Soccer.

Probably. As of now, the front office remains “bullish” while encouraging all us mouth-breathing fans to “trust the process.” And we’re good with that, because as our MLS dreams go on the back-burner, there’s still a season of soccer to play and a whole bunch of stuff to buy.

Enter the FC Cincinnati store on 4th Street. No really, enter it. There you’ll find all the club’s best merchandise, from outerwear to tee shirts to scarves to hats to jerseys (the new ones are *fire emoji*). They also sell everything you’ll need to set the mood for game-day, including glasses, koozies, blankets, and flags.

A word on the new jerseys. Released about a month ago, reactions have ranged from “ermergerd j’en ai besoin maintenant!” (courtesy of yours truly) to the more subdued “I wish they weren’t so busy.”

To those with the second reaction, I can tell you seeing them in person makes a world of difference. The away kits—white with orange trim—are subtle yet stunning. The home kits—striped orange and blue—are far from subtle, but the whole thing sort of just works.

Do make sure to try them on first, though, as the sizing can be a bit of a moving target. And while you’re down there, see about getting yours customized. Judging by the first match, keeper Evan Newton’s name should be a safe bet!

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The FC Cincinnati team store is located at 43 East 4th Street (45202).