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Even Bacchus Likes To Brown Bag It Sometimes

There's something about brown paper baggin' it that attracts droves of people to each Bacchus event. And that's a big reason why I love the seasonal gatherings of the Bacchanalian Society. I know there will be a great crowd. Moreover, people show up on time. I arrived a few minutes after seven and the ballroom at Music Hall was already filling up. None of this, the party will actually get going an hour after the start time BS. Thank you, Dionysus. Never been more happy to know a Greek God who has a hold on me and hundreds of other Cincinnati wine enthusiasts.

Although we have covered many of these shindigs before, for those new to the game, Bacchanalian events work a little something like this.

Team up with friends (usually a group of three) and everyone buys a bottle of wine that is under $10. Unless you deem one person as the team captain (don't think this is an honor), who is tasked with supplying all the wine. Bring that Kroger special to the venue, which on Thursday was Music Hall and deliver it to the numerous volunteers who will tag it with a number and cover the label with a brown paper bag. We keep it classy; that's right.

Proceed to mix n' mingle with 800 to 1,000 or so other folks who you may or may not know and begin sampling the wine. At the end of the night winners are picked -- for either truly being the best wines or a strange coincidence that the numbers 51, 73, and 11 (I made those up) were the numbers on everyone's minds last night. Of course the theme that ties the whole night together is a sense of giving back as each event features a new charity for which 100% of the proceeds are donated.

Cincinnati Early Learning Centers was the spotlight charity selected for this year's Winter Gathering.

For more information on the charity, you can visit the website: