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Eve Floral Co is a Cincinnati-based floral designer focused predominantly on weddings. Flowers from Eve Floral Co. are locally-sourced and are gathered both seasonally and naturally. / Images courtesy of Eve Floral Co. / Published: 11.2.16

How A Flower Child From Detroit Set Up Shop And Blossomed In The Queen City

Eve Floral Co is one of Greater Cincinnati's best options for professional floral designers. With a range of locally-sourced and seasonal flowers, beautiful arrangements are well within reach for those interested in sprucing up their event in the freshest way possible.

The creative mind behind the business, Evelyn Streeter, built Eve Floral Co after spending years outside Cincinnati, though. Her story of how she became a Queen City florist began early in life.


It all started with her grandfather who made a living selling roses on the east side of Detroit. Her mother followed suit by opening her own flower shop where a 12-year-old Evelyn would answer the phone in her best “business voice” to fill orders for clients. When she hit her early twenties, she spent a few years finding herself before returning to Michigan to resume work at the family business.

Eventually, her gut told her she needed to see and do more. She left the family business to start something that was completely her own... in a city that she had only visited once. But that one visit proved to be enough, because she made the leap and moved to Cincinnati where she began Eve Floral Co.


Beyond having a special story, Eve Floral Co. offers a unique style and service that sets her apart. All of her flowers are sourced locally, seasonally, and naturally from farms right here in Ohio. She likes to think her style is pretty reflective of herself – "dreamy + romantic + a touch of wild."

While scratch-and-sniff computers aren't a thing yet, we do have the next best thing: a photo gallery full of bright n' beautiful floral arrangements. Hit it up to see for yourself why Eve Floral Co. is among the best of the best when it comes to Cincy florists.


Stop and smell the roses over on Eve Floral Co.'s website.