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Doodles on the Daily is the creation of Peta Dew. She first started doodling (on the daily) in October 2010, and she’s kept it up since, with only a few breaks here and there. Peta has turned her designs into t-shirts and greeting cards which are available for purchase. / Image courtesy of 'Doodles on the Daily' // Published: 5.16.17

A Local Artist’s Last 7 Years Of Doodling Daily Has Spawned A Neat Little Side Business

It started as a simple challenge: Draw at least one thing per day and post it to a blog. You’d think that’d be easy for someone in art school, but that wasn’t exactly the case. And thus, in 2010, Doodles on the Daily (a creation of Peta Dew) was born.

Let's dive in, shall we?

DEW ORIGINALLY STUDIED at Georgetown College. But after graduating with a marketing degree, she went back to school -- this time at NKU -- to pursue her real passion: design.

IT WAS DURING her time at NKU that she was inspired to start her ‘Doodles on the Daily’ blog.

AND SHE’S kept it going ever since. Minus a few months here and there, she’s drawn nearly every day for seven years. She’s completed approximately 2,200 drawings!

THE DRAWINGS HAVE turned into a side business. You can buy her designs as t-shirts or greeting cards.

WHEN PIGS FLY is the most popular design. And, the cheese coney. I mean... This is Cincinnati after all. Pigs & coneys will always win. (As they should.)

THE SHIRTS are best if you a) have pride in Cincinnati; and b) have a sense of humor.

WHEN SHE’S NOT DRAWING for fun, she’s designing professionally. Dew works for Downtown-based LPK. Her husband, also a designer, works for BLDG in Covington.

PS: They have a cute dog named Charlie. Aww.

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If you wanna see what the doodles are all about, scroll back to the top and visit the gallery.

Or head to the website to purchase your very own t-shirt or greeting card.