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Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars runs October 26-28 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Downtown Cincinnati. / Image courtesy of Disney on Ice

Don't Miss This Year's Disney On Ice At U.S. Bank Arena

Every aspect of Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars is over the top. It’s booming, It’s vibrant. Its aggressive. It’s a hyperbolic ice capade of shark-jumping proportions.

And, it’s excellent.

Indeed, it would be difficult not to be excellent with this lineup. The usual crew is present: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. (Does it bother anyone else that the duck gets a surname while the dog doesn’t?) But in Reach for the Stars, they’re joined by a star-studded cast of contestants.

Yes, contestants. Because the Mouses (the Mice?) and co. are hosting a talent show. And while they do some pretty whiz-bang dancing on their own, here’s who else you’ll be seeing:

From Frozen: Royal sisters Anna and Elsa join the hilarious snowman, Olaf, in reprising “In Summer” and “Let it Go,” which you may have heard once before. Elsa’s dress transforms gracefully on stage as her castle appears with a wave of her hand.

From The Little Mermaid: Sebastian (the crab) gets things going with his scintillating crustacean band. The daughters of Triton jam out to music from the '80s. Then Ariel transforms from mermaid to human 35-feet over the ice in one of the most breathtaking moments of the show.

From Tangled: The harmless hooligans are already unleashing musical mayhem when Rapunzel shows up with her dashing ally, Flynn. As you probably know, Rapunzel has pretty long hair. In the production, it’s represented by 2,000 feet of silk fabric which is draped around the ice.

From Beauty and the Beast: The furniture is alive! But it’s cool, ‘cause they’re just trying to be hospitable. And their culinary cabaret is well received by Bell, who’s quite finished with the local library and has now passed her attention to the dude living in yonder spooky castle. Meanwhile Gaston, because he’s well adjusted and everything, can’t decide which of his many talents to perform. So he decides to lead a mob of villagers (with real fire torches) to track down and “kill the beast!” As you do.


Well, you’ll obviously have to get to the show to find out. Here’s some stuff that might help:

  • Located at U.S. Bank Arena in Downtown Cincinnati
  • Performances run October 26-28
  • Tickets can be found here.

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For more information about Disney On Ice presents Reach For The Stars, visit their website.