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Disney on Ice returns to U.S. Bank Arena October 27-30 with its “Dare to Dream” show. Get your tickets now! / Image courtesy of Feld Entertainment

Let’s Be Real... No One Is Too Old For Disney On Ice

Hey, before we go any further, can we talk about that horse for a second? This show is worth seeing just to find out how that thing, er... works.

Ok, let’s play this through.

I’m gonna lay out how Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream (yes, that’s the full title) is an unmissable visual feast, complete with outstanding outfits, jaw-dropping sets, rousing music, and your favorite characters from the past and present. (It really is.)

And you’ll be like, “Hmm, that’s pretty cool. After all, I do love Disney.” Right on.

But then you’ll remember something: You’re a grown up! You can’t be seen at Disney On Ice! You’ll be the laughing stock of all your auteur film viewings and Russian literature discussion clubs and small-batch craft beer tastings! Maybe if it were opera or ballet... But Disney On Ice? Sorry, that’s a bridge too far.

Look, I get it. Last year I was right there with you, refusing all the best things in life because I thought I had outgrown them. I drank Chianti and watched Woody Allen movies and dared myself to finish Moby Dick – you know, adult things.

Then I saw Disney On Ice, and my world turned upside down.

The music was soaring and nostalgic. The sets really were jaw-dropping. And the outfits? Absurdly cool.

Here’s the thing: I do like Chianti. And Annie Hall is a good flick. (Moby Dick... well, let’s just say I’m looking into the audiobook.)

But I love Disney, too, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

So get on my level. Indulge your inner child. And if you do have children, all the more reason to go. You can grab your tickets and head to U.S. Bank Arena October 27-30.

From one “adult” to another, you won’t regret it.

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Read all about the show (and check out a highly entertaining video preview) here.

Want tickets? Head to Disney On Ice’s website.