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Image: Sarah Laubacher Photography courtesy of DANCEFIX

Socially Dis-DANCE Your Butt off in Your Own Living Room Tonight

DANCEFIX, Cincinnati's high-energy adult dance workout class, recently moved online to keep its dancers' blood pumping.

If you're not familiar with DANCEFIX, it's an instructor-led dance course that starts with a short warm-up followed by choreographed dances that steadily increase in cardio intensity with a toning session that closes each class. From professional dancers to those who only get out on the dancefloor once a year at a wedding, everyone's welcome to join and dance.

While classes are usually studio-based, DANCEFIX's online classes allow responsible social dis-dancers to continue their workout at home. Each video lasts anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes and can be viewed from a laptop or computer (no phones). According to owner Heather Britt, some dancers are FaceTiming friends while they have the videos up so they can still feel like they're dancing with a group while they workout.

Videos are accessible every day from 5 AM to 10 PM for a single price. Once you pay and click on the class, you're able to view it on demand all day. Single drop-in classes are $15. If you love it and want to take another class, you can buy class passes in bulk to reduce the individual price per class.

So what are people saying about it?

"I am anxious...and worried," an ER nurse told Heather. "Dance has been an incredible release...and I am eternally grateful!!"

"The only thing better than dancing on a balcony in spring weather is doing it while following the lead of Heather and all of you exuberant, talented Dancefix instructors," another dancer said. "Your videos are just what the doctor ordered for cabin fever, stress, and constantly eating. Thank you, thank you."

To see DANCEFIX's schedule of classes for the day, head to the DANCEFIX LIVE tab on the website. A tutorial video is there to help you log in should you need assistance.

Heather hopes to "help raise the vibration for students at home while attracting and connecting with new students that might not have been comfortable trying classes out in person." The idea is to reinject a sense of normalcy into dancers' routines while helping them feel happier and healthier. Dancing helps relieve the mind of stress while you're doing it, too, which is needed more than ever right now.

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Head to DANCEFIX's website to learn more about classes and pricing.