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Fountain Square is among the many locations Daisy Jane's Flower Truck visits each week. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 5.5.19

A 1965 Ford Truck Is Spreading Joy (And Flowers) Across Cincy

Megan Moore's poppy red 1965 Ford E100 truck is impossible to miss. On a sunny day, she's parked in densely populated, walkable areas; among them, Coffee Emporium in OTR on Mondays, Fountain Square on Tuesdays, and Downtown Loveland on Thursdays are her spots. In the back of her truck, hundreds of flowers sit in long buckets, each with their own beautiful colors and fragrance. Megan stands by with a smile, eager to meet new people and ready to help customers build a bouquet to brighten someone's day. Spreading this grade of joy—joy in the form of wrapped peonies and alstroemerias—is the fuel that keeps Daisy Jane's Flower Truck on the road.

After reporting for Local 12 WKRC-TV for years, she realized she hadn't had nearly any weekends or holidays off with her eight-year-old and husband. Seeking more time with her family and a schedule she could control, and after being inspired by people she'd met who were chasing their own dreams, Megan left the station to pursue another career. Ever the entrepreneurial type, she considered work as a photographer. But when a friend posted a photo of a flower truck to Instagram, Megan's route detoured.

"I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and checked to see if we had anything like it in Cincinnati. When I didn’t see anyone doing it here, I told myself I had to bring this to my hometown," she says.

Though she doesn't have a floral background, her love of people drove her to pursue her flower truck business. She saw how flowers improve the daily lives of others—how they represent a form of self-care for oneself, and how they're an act of love and kindness when gifted to someone else. Providing an opportunity for people to add levity to the world was something she wanted for her career. It didn't take a degree to appreciate the benefits of flowers.

Megan put the key in the ignition of her new endeavor. She looked online for visually striking trucks and found her Ford E100 listed in Marion, MI. An impromptu road trip with her uncle (who has experience with vintage vehicles) resulted in her purchasing the truck and driving it back to Cincinnati. She'd driven the first mile of her new journey.

Her decision to name the truck 'Daisy Jane' was remarkably simple: she wanted it to include the name of a flower, then followed it up with a name she just thought sounded good alongside it. When she landed on Daisy Jane, she knew it was the right name.


Megan starts every day by picking up flowers from local vendors. Then, she heads to her spots around town, which includes the likes of OTR, Hartwell, Loveland, Old Milford, Glendale, Fountain Square, and Oakley/Norwood. So long as it's not raining, Daisy Jane is parked and ready to serve the public.

And she isn't competing with Kroger, Walmart, or brick & mortar florists around Cincinnati. The vintage truck's mobility, the aspect that differentiates Megan from those other stores, underscores its greatest advantage: catering to the spontaneous in areas florists aren't. While she visits the same locations on specific days, people are often attracted to the truck due to its unique look, then end up making the decision while there to build a bouquet for themselves or a loved one. Whether someone wants to spend $5 or $50, Daisy Jane offers something for every price level and lets the customer build it themselves if they'd like. And all of the flower buying—from the "hello" to the "have a nice day"—feels best when it's done at the truck.

And that's what it's all about. Megan's goal is to make others feel good when they visit Daisy Jane.

"I see it as an experience we can't get from our digital devices," she says. "You get to appreciate the beauty of flowers that nature gives us, share them with others, and enjoy the fun of a vintage truck. For me, Daisy Jane represents everything I could’ve ever dreamed of in a career. Getting to meet new people, serve others, and give people an opportunity to spread joy!"


You can find where Megan and Daisy Jane will be by visiting her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also visit the official website for more information.