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Cypress Beauty Co. teaches you how to create a skincare mask using a variety of natural ingredients. It operates as a pop-up in spaces like The Frock, The Hive, Gia & the Blooms, and The Green Store Cincy. / Image courtesy of Cypress Beauty Co. // Published: 1.25.18

Cypress Beauty Co. Has Perfected The All-Important Skincare Routine

Maybe your version of treat yo’ self is splurging on a new pair of boots or adding that cookie to your coffee order. I get it. I mean, I’ve been that person. Okay, I’m still that person. I will say, though, my new favorite indulgence is taking time for me.

Slowing down can be tough, but it’s easy to take a quick break to apply a personalized Cypress Beauty Co. face mask. I think if local maker Nia Baucke had it her way, we’d all take a little more time for ourselves with her DIY skincare bar.


Cypress is known for its healing properties, which is where Baucke found the inspiration for the name. “There’s something about those ten minutes of spending time for yourself — lighting a candle, steeping a bag of tea, meditating — whatever you choose to do in those moments,” she says, “that time is really important.”

Meditation and intentionality took hold with Baucke after losing her mother. “When something like that happens,” Baucke explains, “you want the world to stop. And it doesn’t.” She realized she had to be in control of creating time for herself to heal and not try to match the energy of everyone around her.


While you’re focusing on slowing down and listening to what you need, Baucke wants to make sure your skin is getting what it needs, too. Growing up with extremely sensitive skin, she had to learn how her skin reacted to chemicals, which eventually led to her discovering natural ingredients and incorporating them into the making of her own products.

At a Cypress Beauty Co. DIY skincare bar, she provides you with all the ingredients you need to make an incredible mask for your skin. Want a deeper clean? Add charcoal. For a little tingle, there’s tea tree oil. Dry skin might call for aloe. Cypress Beauty Co. operates as a pop-up in spaces like The Frock, The Hive, Gia & the Blooms, and The Green Store Cincy, but Baucke’s already considering the possibility of a future brick-and-mortar.


Keep an eye on her website for upcoming DIY mask events, but if you can’t wait to try out Cypress Beauty Co., head to Spruce Nail Shop or Rooted Juicery to pick up her Illuminating Mask (which has special ingredients you won’t find at her pop-ups).

“No one is going to treat you as good as you treat yourself,” says Baucke. Amen, girl.

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For more information, visit the Cypress Beauty Co. website.