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In Progress: "Around the Corner," a new mural installation executed by the Brooklyn-based collective known as FAILE and facilitated by Covington's BLDG. DATES: Oct 9-23 You can watch the project unfold by visiting #aroundthecorner on all social media. Or swing by for a firsthand look. The murals cover the rear walls of Republic Bank and Donna Salyer's Fabulous Bridal (on the corners of 6th Street and Madison Avenue) in Covington, Ky. (Image: courtesy of BLDG)

Covington's New Mural: Epic FAILE

Covington is on the art map. This we know. Between the town's ever-growing number of galleries, studios, venues, and festivals (not to mention its innate, but immediately palpable, curious/ rebellious streak), the area has developed a much-deserved reputation as a hot bed of creativity and artrepreneurial innovation.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or, to be more contextually accurate, "the writing is on the wall." At this very moment, a captivating new mural (brought to life by an internationally renowned band of artists) is unfolding in downtown Covington. Let's take a peek at the action behind Around the Corner.


FAILE, a Brooklyn-based collective, is widely acknowledged as a pioneering and influential entity in the urban contemporary movement. The outfit (which is a collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller) has created installations, multi-media pieces, and audience-participation experiences on streets and in galleries around the globe.

Often incorporating materials and thematic elements essential to each hosting site, FAILE weaves a wide range of techniques and objects -- stencil, print, sculpture, wooden boxes, and window pallets, you name it -- into their work. And they're bringing that trademark blend of fragmentation, appropriation, and collage to the COV.


The project began October 9 and is slated to wrap up on October 23. Gracing the rear walls of two adjacent buildings in Covington (Republic Bank and Donna Salyer's Fabulous Bridal, on the corners of 6th Street and Madison Avenue), the mural will stretch a total of 100 feet wide and up to 60 feet tall.

Two buildings. Two weeks. ... Two rounds of "Props" for ambition!


BLDG, the aptly described "creative refuge," is one of the leading forces in Greater Cincinnati's ongoing artistic evolution. You've probably seen (and most likely, been inside of) the organization's work on more than one occasion. The ultra-dynamic outfit has conceived and executed the interior and graphic design, brand identity, and artwork for such buzzed-about spots as Sotto, Ei8ht Ball brewery, Red Feather Kitchen, Hinkley's, and Currito (among many others).

As part of its goal to infuse fine art into the region's daily life, BLDG has brought many perspective-expanding international artists to the area. Notable names include The London Police, Prefab 77, and VHILS. And now, they've mixed in a little FAILE.


Lesley Amann, partner at BLDG, deftly sums the project up: "FAILE is one of the most significant artists in the urban contemporary movement. And BLDG is furthering our mission by adding this large scale installation to Covington's growing collection. This mural puts Covington on a list of cities with New York, Amsterdam, London, Portland and Bethlehem, Palestine. It's history in the making; one wall at a time!"

Here here, BLDG! Here here.

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Want to witness the changing face of Covington for yourself? 'Course ya do!
Here are a few ways to check out
the "Around the Corner" mural.

  1. Swing by and take a look for yourself
    (Republic Bank and Donna Salyer's Fabulous Bridal, on the corners of 6th Street and Madison Avenue).
  2. Follow the mural's progress online (all social media: #aroundthecorner).
  3. Stay tuned for info about a special unveiling event.
    (Check out
    BLDG's website and Facebook page to keep up with the haps.)