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Coda Co. is a Bellevue boutique that specializes in up-cycling things like bourbon barrels and burlap coffee sacks into beautiful furniture and home decor. You can thank husband-and-wife team Kelti and Tanner Ziese, who are both skilled artisans and incomparably cool folk. ADDRESS: 400 Fairfield Avenue (41073) / Image courtesy of Coda Co // Published: 10.30.17<p></p>

Coda Co. Is Bringing &ldquo;Up-Cycling&rdquo; To Charming Bellevue

Four years ago, Bellevue’s Kelti and Tanner Ziese were embroiled in the typical couple dilemma: How to spend date night.

What they decided to do was anything but typical. They decided to make a coffee table.

That coffee table, crafted from an old antique window, was pretty cool. It was so cool that a few months later they were spending every date night like that, building random stuff from, well, random stuff. Fast forward to 2017, and they've now turned their date-night hobby into a full-blown Bellevue business. Say hello to...


A ‘coda’ is a concluding part of a song following the choruses and refrains that’s intended to engender a feeling of completion. It’s a suitable title for the Ziese’s boutique because what they do is up-cycling. That is, they take stuff that’s no longer in use — like bourbon barrels and burlap coffee sacks — and turn it into furniture and home decor.

Let’s focus on those bourbon barrels and coffee sacks. The bourbon barrel is to Kentucky what the, er... wait, what is Ohio known for again? In any case, bourbon barrels are important to the commonwealth. But at least in Cincinnati, they don't often get repurposed. Kelti and Tanner sought to change that, and they’ve done so with a parade of items for sale: side tables, pub tables, dining sets, and even stave bottle openers.

Regarding the coffee sacks, these are things folks just throw away when they’re done with them. And why wouldn’t they? What more can they do with them? Well, Kelti and Tanner can do much more, including coffee sleeves, ottomans, and bag pillows. Just another way they’re minimizing waste (an imperative for the couple) while producing awesome stuff.

As for where you can peruse said awesome stuff, Kelti and Tanner have set up shop in the charming river city of Bellevue. You can stop in Tuesday thru Saturday.

If you're searching for a takeaway from the Ziese's 21st century fairy tale, it might be this: The next time you settle on Netflix and popcorn with your boo, remember there are probably far more interesting things you could be doing with date night.

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Coda Co. is located at 400 Fairfield Ave (41073). And check out their website.