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There's no better place to bring in your used jewelry, including watches, rings, necklaces, broaches, and earrings, than Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers. They've been servicing Bellevue and the surrounding region since 1932. Now in their fourth generation of family ownership, they're one of the most trusted names in the region. ADDRESS: 319 Fairfield Avenue (41073) / Image: Mike Bresnen // Published: 9.7.18

Cleves and Lonnemann Has Been Bellevue’s Favorite Jeweler for 85 Years

That old piece of jewelry you have sequestered upstairs still sparkles. Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s a family heirloom. Or maybe it’s not. At least it works! Except sometimes, not so much In any case, you don’t really want it anymore, and you wish you would open your drawer one day and find a stack of greenbacks instead.

It isn’t quite that simple at Bellevue’s Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers, but it’s close.

First, you bring in your used jewelry—your watches, rings, necklaces, broaches, earrings, or what-have-you. Second, they give ‘em an assessment. Third, they make you an offer, and you walk away with your conscience eased and your bank account leavened.

Apprehensive about getting a fair price? Don’t be. Cleves and Lonnemann's has spent decades building their reputation as the best jewelry reseller in the region. Just look at the refurbished wristwatches they have on display. Each polished watch face represents someone just like you who’s gone there and come away satisfied. Likewise, you can see your watch (or what-have-you) will be well taken care of. It might find a new owner, and it might even make that new owner very, very happy.

Back to that reputation it’s not nothing. Founded in Bellevue in 1932 during the depths of the Great Depression, Cleves and Lonnemann initially thrived repairing watches, clocks, jewelry, and eyeglasses. Its story since then is one of expansion and succession.

Michael and Erin Cleves, who offer as warm a welcome as you’ll find these days, represent the fourth generation of family ownership. They inherited a store that no longer exclusively deals in repairs. That’s thanks to Michael’s father, Charlie Cleves, who took classes in gemology, diamond setting, silversmithing, and enameling to keep the store competitive. He also increased the sales side of the business, so that now you can go there for watches and jewelry of supreme quality whether they be new or second hand. (Pun intended.)

The brand list is world-class. These may be pre-owned watches, but they're high-grade, fully restored, and thoroughly Swiss. They’re fairly priced, too, and with the store’s service guarantee and in-house repair expertise, they’ll undoubtedly stand the test of time. (Again, pun intended)

Same goes with their selection of vintage jewelry. That includes antique mountings for engagement rings. These are 100-year-old works of art. They’re ornate. They’re in right now. And they’ll turn that most special piece of jewelry into something unique and meaningful as well.

“Unique and meaningful” being perhaps the best encapsulation of what Cleves and Lonnemann is, does, and stands for. It’s a family business at heart. They care for their customers’ old jewelry like it’s their own. And if you have something that’s taking up space in a drawer or jewelry box upstairs, it’s the only place to go.

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Cleves and Lonnemann Jewelers is located at 319 Fairfield Avenue (41073).