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Cladwell is a Cincinnati-based iPhone app that gives you outfit recommendations based on your existing wardrobe. / Image courtesy of Cladwell // Published: 4.27.17

This Cincinnati-Based Startup Is Here To Help You Maximize Your Wardrobe

Real talk, how much time this morning did you spend overwhelmed by seemingly infinite outfit combinations only to conclude you have nothing to wear?

Sure, you could go shopping and cram even more clothes in your closet. Or, you could let the fine folks at Cladwell, a Cincinnati-based company, simplify your wardrobe with items you already have, saving you time and money.


You might be familiar with other online clothing services that dress you in new outfits shipped to you, but at the end of the day, you’re still spending a lot of money on new clothes and letting your old favorites collect dust.

What makes Cladwell different is their commitment to bringing humanity back into fashion. Every day they offer you new, stylish ways of flaunting the outfits you’ve already invested in.

Their newly launched app for iOS not only gives you outfit recommendations from your existing closet, but it also tracks the items you wear. This helps you pare down what you absolutely love from what you could really live without.

It also factors in the weather in its daily suggestions, which will undoubtedly come in handy in our neck of the woods.

Plus, if you DO need some retail therapy, Cladwell shows you new items that maximize your outfit potential with your tried-and-true favorites. This helps you shop smarter by purchasing better and fewer options.


Once you have the app downloaded, you tell it what items you own by selecting them from the interface. No,you don’t need to photograph everything you own.

Example: I’m wearing a blue zip-up hoodie. To select it in the app, I’d choose jackets, then hoodies, filter my color to blue, and pick the one that most closely resembles it.


Cladwell isn’t a minimalist app. What good is having a small wardrobe if the clothes don’t work well together?

The trend of fast fashion has us buying into the notion that we don’t look good unless we have the latest threads. Cladwell shows you how the sustainable wardrobe you already have can always remain in style.

Not bad for only $5 a month!


Cladwell is in the App Store and available for iPhone users today.

Android users: Your app (as well as a version for men) is coming this spring.