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Cincinnati Renaissance Project: A City For Foodies (Episode 1.2)

We first discussed The Cincinnati Renaissance Project in a January 2018 article on the site, which you can view here. But to recap, it’s a new endeavor (produced by the creative minds behind Constella Arts) showcasing the first-class city we are lucky enough to call home.

And we plan to release “episodes” of the project right here, on Cincinnati Refined. In this video excerpt from episode one, you’ll hear from Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, who has made a name for himself in the city's culinary scene.

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Special notes:
1. Catch the host of the show (Tatiana Berman) in an upcoming world premiere hybrid film/concert experience “Not So Classical: The Story Of Love” on Saturday, March 3 at Memorial Hall.

2. The Constella Arts Festival kicks off next week, on Friday, February 23. Get the full scoop on the festival here.