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Join us on Thursday, June 15 from 5-9 p.m. at Swing 365 in West Chester for a little virtual golf! You can play any of 30 legendary courses from around the world while dining at the delicious Player's Lounge. See you there! / ADDRESS: 6088 West Chester Road (45069) / Image: Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.9.17

We Wanna Challenge You To A Game Of Virtual Golf At Swing 365

We’d like to invite you to play the Old Course with us. Or Pinehurst. Or Pebble Beach. Or any of 30 other legendary golf courses from around the world.

And while we won’t be jet-setting from Scotland to Cali, we’ll be doing the next best thing. On Thursday, June 15 from 5-9 p.m. we’ll be hosting a Happiest of Hours at Swing 365, Cincinnati’s latest and greatest foray into the exciting world of golf.

What do they have to offer? How about 10 high-definition golf simulators in open and private bays. They also have the Player’s Lounge if you’re in the mood for classy pub food and tall, cold beers. And if you’re not in the mood to play the simulated courses, don’t worry; you can enjoy putt putt, target golf, and even darts using a club and ball.

“BUT... GOLF?”

Let’s call that shorthand for, uh, “I’ve never played and I have no earthly idea how.” Well friend, we’re in the same boat. Our fearless managing editor, Leah can’t tell a bogie from a bowtruckle, while assistant editor Phil is thoroughly befuddled by the concept of a divot. (Full disclosure: Leah played golf in high school, though Phil is more of a disc golfer.)

All of which is to say, if you think you don’t know anything about golf, we know even less. But we’re excited to learn with you at Swing 365.


Neither have a lot of people, because Swing 365 is brand new. It’s a locally-owned golf simulator concept that opened this year. And while many people have already found the joy of golfing indoors when it’s too hot or too cold out, you’re definitely not alone if this’ll mark your first time at the West Chester facility.


That’s totally fine, Swing 365 has you covered. They have clubs for rent, including men’s and ladies clubs for right handers and left handers alike. They also have right-handed clubs for juniors.


High-definition golf simulators. They’re an exciting frontier in golf training and instruction, allowing golfers of whatever handicap to refine their game while “playing” some of the best courses in the world.

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Swing 365 is located at 6088 West Chester Road, West Chester 45069. For more information, visit their website.