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The Coney Island light show is one of our favorite new holiday traditions. We're talking a million lights blinking in concert with some of our favorite holiday tunes. / Image: Daniel Smyth

The Coney Island Christmas Light Show Is Our Favorite New Holiday Tradition

The best part about the holidays... Better than presents and crackling fires and spiced eggnog? (Let’s get real, there’s nothing better than spiced eggnog — but I digress.)

That would be the time-honored holiday activities that, over time, have passed into traditions.

You know... A Christmas Carol at Playhouse. Sledding at Eden Park. Luminaria in Mt. Adams. Skating on the rink at Fountain square. A cousins dinner in OTR. A romantic date at the Zoo.

Let me add one more to the list: Coney Island’s Christmas Nights of Lights.

What is it? In a word, lights. Oh so many of lights.

(Check out the photo gallery. And in case you didn't know, taking photos of tiny blipping LEDs in the dark is sort of impossible, so those photos are really good. Just like the show itself.)


I'm glad you asked. We were curious too, so we decided to find out. (All part of the service here at Cincinnati Refined.)

Turns out the production is run by a family business called Titan Light Shows. They envision, design, manufacture, and set up the entire show — a process that takes around nine months to design and four weeks to execute .

There are just over a million LED lights in the show, all faultlessly synchronized to your favorite holiday tunes. The light show is coordinated by 15 miles of wire connected to 120 computer boxes running more than 10,000 computer channels.

That’s what it takes to immerse you in a blinking wonderland of larger-than-life trees, glittering snowflakes, dancing candy canes, and fantastic tunnels of light; all enjoyed from the warmth of your own car.

What’s more impressive is that Coney Island’s Christmas Nights of Lights will be lighting up the faces of those in need as well. It has partnered with local charities like the Ruth Lyons Foundation, Salvation Army, and Neediest Kids of All by offering them a night to promote and raise money and awareness for each particular charity.

Now that’s getting into the Christmas spirit.

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Coney Island’s Christmas Nights of Lights runs every night through January 1, 2017. The show begins nightly at dusk and runs until 10 p.m., with extended hours on weekends. It will be open every night including holidays.

Admission is $6 per person with free admission for children three and under. Tickets are available upon arrival only.

Coney Island is located at 6201 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230. Find out more by visiting their website.