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Image: Mikki Schaffner via BRIDEface

BRIDEface and Others Are Teaming Up With Exclusive Online Sales

After Julie Niesen purchased BRIDEface earlier this month, she found herself facing an unusual challenge as the new owner of a storied institution: a global pandemic that's grinding the economy to a crawl.

BRIDEface, an OTR-based team of professional makeup stylists, is adapting to the situation under Niesen's leadership using a variety of strategies. First and foremost, BRIDEface is joining forces with other OTR-based small businesses to support one another using their virtual social channels. The idea is to boost awareness of all brands to drive sales to each respective online shop so these businesses can continue operating during these trying times.

Starting today (March 26th) and lasting for one week, BRIDEface will join Idlewild Woman (1230 Vine Street), The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is (6 W 12th Street), and Sloane Boutique (1216 Vine Street) to promote exclusive sales. BRIDEface is offering free shipping on all its products if a purchase is made at any of the other stores in the lineup.

Secondly, BRIDEface is launching an exclusive new line of makeup from Sonia Roselli Beauty that you can purchase on its online shop. Again, free shipping is available if you support any of the other businesses listed above.

Thirdly, BRIDEface will be offering a series of online makeup tutorials. Next week will see a collaboration with BrowOTR, which will lead to a sale on BRIDEface's own brow kits. More live videos and recorded tutorials are incoming. Keep an eye on BRIDEface's YouTube channel for those.

Keep an eye on BRIDEface's social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for sales, collaboration announcements, videos, and more.