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A Letter From the Editor Regarding Current Events & How We're Evolving

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy. What's happened to so many other black Americans over the years is equally as tragic and needs to stop. Protestors in Cincinnati and across the nation are in the streets demanding change because murders like George's keep happening. Reform is necessary to ensure more Americans aren't needlessly killed like this, and I fully support every American's right to march with their neighbors to demand justice.

Let me quickly explain something before I get to how we're evolving. Cincinnati Refined isn't covering the protests for the same reason we're not directly writing about COVID—we're not the news, and we do not have reporters on staff to handle these subjects with the nuance and professionalism they require. There are excellent local news teams out in the streets every day and night acting as the public's eyes and ears, and we thank them for keeping the cameras rolling on what's happening. While they do their job, our job is to continue promoting Cincinnati, its small businesses, art, events, and the people who make this place wonderful as we have for years.

However, we're paying close attention to what's happening and listening to others while we continue publishing our regular content. Here's what we're doing to improve our publication going forward:

We're going to make a more concerted effort to improve the diversity of the site's subjects and contributors going forward. The regular features on homes, restaurants, artists, and events you enjoy seeing on the site will still be part of Cincinnati Refined, and we're going to make a better effort to include more minority-owned businesses and people/artists from the BIPOC community going forward. Cincinnati is a sizable place with many people from many communities, and we'd like to see better representation on the site. It won't happen overnight, but we're working on content for later this month and for the future.

Additionally, while women have been the primary voice of Cincinnati Refined since its inception, we need more diversity in our freelance talent. I've connected with several freelance photographers already, but if you are or someone you know is in the BIPOC community and possess the skills and desire to cover the lighthearted, fun local content you regularly see on Cincinnati Refined, please get in touch with me over email. We want your voice and talent on our site.

Without you, this site wouldn't exist. If you have thoughts on how we can improve further, I'm more than happy discussing it over email.

Thank you kindly for reading.