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Each of us finds motivation in different ways. Some of us seek the support of a large group that will hold us accountable mid-set, while others look for the trusted eye of a personal trainer to keep their specific goals in mind and their form in-check. When finding the time and motivation to go to the gym fails, there are virtual outlets you can use to stay in shape. Fit Mama in 30 and Shellates Studio are led by local ladies who bring the best workouts to the comfort of your home via the internet. / Image courtesy of Fit Mama in 30 // Published: 12.31.19

Getting Fit Is Just a Click Away With These Two Online Programs

Making it to the gym for a workout in the midst of the Midwest winter is anything but easy. From freezing rain to gale force winds, there’s more than one weather-based excuse to stay inside. But that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to miss your workout. You can still work out in the comfort of your own home.

Each of us finds motivation in different ways. Some of us seek the support of a large group that will hold us accountable mid-set, while others look for the trusted eye of a personal trainer to keep their specific goals in mind and their form in-check.


If an online community keeps you accountable, check out Fit Mama in 30.

And no, you don’t have to be an actual mama to join. Their target audience is moms, but even men see incredible results from their online platform.

“We have plenty of women that are fur baby moms,” says Cari Oschman, co-founder of Fit Mama in 30. “Many are women who aren’t comfortable going to the gym or business executives who travel.”

Really, their easy-to-follow program is perfect for any person on the go.

Cari, a college athlete-turned-NFL-cheerleader, had always been able to make time for the gym, but after the arrival of her first child, her time was limited. So she, along with her registered dietitian sister-in-law, Bailey Oschman, left a corporate gig to fill a gap in the fitness industry.

They created a platform that, with an online membership, gives community members access to monthly workout videos and nutrition plans. Both are scheduled out for every day of the month with perfectly balanced, 30-minute workout routines and quick-prep, healthy recipes the entire family can enjoy.

Cari and Bailey knew that many people don’t even have a full thirty minutes to commit to a workout, so that’s why each video is broken down into three, ten-minute sets. This flexibility is where true habit change happens.

“We are trying to implement these small simple habits,” Cari says. “Did you log in today? That counts.”

Fit Mama in 30 is more than just a portal with endless workout videos and recipes. The best part is the supportive community that comes with the membership.

“Whenever anyone needs a little bit of motivation, they can reach out to the community,” she says. “We have an app where people can help each other through the challenge.”

With an upcoming launch of their 30-Day Jump Start Program, now is the perfect time to join their community. You can sign up before January 6th by following the link below to kick off your new year the right way.


If you want a more tailored approach to your in-home training, a virtual coach like Michelle “Shelley” Cotton of Shellates Studio is the way to go.

Shelley has been in the fitness industry since 1996 and has been doing online training since about 2015 when one of her clients moved to Paris.

“At the time, all the stay-at-home moms in Paris were doing online training,” Shelley says. “I had never done it before, but with the help of Skype, I could work with her as if she hadn’t moved at all.”

No matter what equipment each client has available at home, from a full Pilates Reformer to a few free weights, Shelley can craft a workout to fit every person’s unique goals, keeping in mind past injuries, which she says is what sets online personal training apart.

“There are so many videos out there that give you a great workout, but it may not be best for you or what your body needs,” she says. “Having someone that knows your body and can personalize your workout is a million times more beneficial than simply just getting a workout in.”

With a few camera angle adjustments, Shelley can monitor every movement. She provides verbal cues as clients work through each exercise, from proper alignment to correct muscle engagement.

“Having someone there to watch your movement and adjust you is so important,” she says. “The littlest things can have a big impact on your knees, your shoulders—everything.”

Her virtual training clients are still held accountable without having to travel to the studio or even make themselves presentable for a public group fitness class. If attending a studio happens to be more your pace, Shelley also offers training in her studio, located in Columbia-Tusculum at 4002 Eastern Avenue (45226).

“Consistency is key for your mind and your body to create habits,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout every day. Move every day and you’ll see how much better your body can feel.”

How will you work toward your fitness goals this winter?

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To learn more about Fit Mama in 30, visit their website, or click here to sign up for their 30-Day Jump Start program.

And to check out Shellates Studio, you can contact Shelley Cotton by phone at (513) 476-5217, or visit their Facebook.