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Hopwater is a non-alcoholic craft soda made with the pleasant aroma and bitterness of hops. It's currently being served at local bars and restaurants like Sotto, Bouquet, The Rookwood, and Sundry & Vice. [Image courtesy of Hopwater]

You Can Have Your Hops & Drink Them, Too

In the recent craft beer revolution (which has also become a hop revolution), IPAs are an official "thing." Kinda like parachute pants were a thing. Except, in this case, we want hops to stick around. Parachute pants, on the other hand Those should only be unleashed on '80s theme parties.

If you're a fan of hoppy beers/ if you even know what "hops" are, then you also know that you have a myriad of options these days. If you're not a fan of beer, you probably don't know the difference.

But let me tell you, you're living a depraved existence. I mean, seriously. ... How are you living in a world that has not been hopped?

Good news! Your unspoken cries have been answered. You can now leave that hopless life behind.

Hopwater is basically a non-alcoholic craft soda made with hops. So... you get all of the wonderful side effects of this magical flower -- that perfect balance of sweetness and dryness, combining to help cleanse the palate -- but without the malt of beer.

You're probably wondering, "Who wants hops without the beer? Isn't that the whole point?" Well, holster your judgment there, folks. Sometimes, some people can't have a beer, or just don't want a beer. And that shouldn't leave them outside of the trust circle. They just get a different password to enter.

That password: Hopman. "He's the living embodiment of the Zeus Hop -- immortal, unpredictable... and a little bitter, just like us," said Brandon Dawson, one of the founders.

At this point, you've probably had enough of all this talky-talk and just want to crack open a beer. Or a Hopwater. We certainly won't stop you. Head to Boca/Sotto, Sundry & Vice, Bouquet, or Maribelle's to quench your thirst.

It's time to get hopped.


The Hopwater Jalisco
(created by Josh at Bouquet)

1.5 oz Tres Agaves Tequila
.75 oz St. Germain
.25 oz lime juice
Shake and pour over ice in a tall Collins glass
Top w/ Original Hopwater
Garnish w/ fresh lime wedge

To find out more, visit Hopwater on the web or on Facebook.
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