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Tela Bar + Kitchen is located in Wyoming, Ohio, at 1212 Springfield Pike, 45215. [Image: Livvielane Photography]

Wyoming Has a New Restaurant & It's Definitely Worth a Visit

Tela Bar + Kitchen is here. And it is, by all accounts, rockin'.

The doors have only been open for a few weeks now, but this snazzy eatery in Wyoming is already creating a fair bit of buzz (on a few different levels). Let's see what the fuss is about.


Ask folks where Wyoming falls on that age-old (but nevertheless, perpetually entertaining) "East Side vs. West Side" debate, and most folks will end up either saying "Um," or giving you a long-winded answer about a "Matrix of factors including location, culture, blah blah blah."

The only decisive answer you really ever get is from a few folks who firmly respond, "North Side."

Wyoming is, to be sure, its own thing. And, cards on the table, I'm a fan. A big fan, in fact. But aside from a handful of local anchors working their respective magics -- here's lookin' at you, burgers at Gabby's and brunch at Half Day Cafe, among others -- there's not a whole lot in the way of spellbinding eateries around the 'hood.

It's fairly safe to say that the foodie craze has yet to sweep this sleepy little burg. (And don't get me wrong, that's not entirely a bad thing.) But! It is super lovely to have an explicitly chef-centric/ food-forward type of establishment join the party alongside those beloved standbys and Mom-&-Pop kitchens.

Evolution (much like change itself ) is good. It shouldn't go all locust-y and eat up the amazingness that already exists. But, in the end, it's good.


The menu. The creativity and eclectic artistry found amongst Tela's offerings will rival pretty much anything you're gonna find in Greater Cincy's other, more foodie-centric hubs (OTR, Hyde Park, MainStrasse, etc.).

The claims to fame -- yes, there are already crowd favorites -- include the mussels, the short rib mac & cheese, and of course... the poutine. Let's just say this: Tela's poutine ranks. Give the dish a spin and see where it falls on your "Best Poutines In The City" list. ( You know you have one.)

Drinks. They've got those, too. In spades. Belly up to the bar and enjoy a glass of their finest. (And yes, there's plenty of locally crafted beer.) Speaking of beverages...

Tela's ready for all you coffee geeks out there, too. La Terza served pour-over style? Respect.


The bill. You can go all-out, order up a few courses, and do date night right. (& I do mean right.) Or you can just swing by for a quick sip and a light bite. The way the Tela team has designed both the menu and the ambiance makes the restaurant perfectly adaptable to what you're bringing to the table.


In search of the next destination on your Queen City foodie-tour? Fancy yourself a design aficionado and wanna take a peek at that laid-back/swanky, Cincy-by-way-of-California aesthetic? Want a tall glass of something cool (or a mug o' sumthin' hot)? ... Or maybe you just wanna bone up for that inevitable "Where does Wyoming fall in the 'East Side vs. West Side' debate" conversation in your future.

Whatever it is (and wherever you're coming from), Tela Bar + Kitchen definitely needs to be on your radar. See you there.

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Want to learn more about Tla Bar + Kitchen? Check out the website, visit the Facebook page, or head over for a visit (1212 Springfield Pike, Wyoming 45215).