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"Wild Berry Smash" (Belvedere Wild Berry vodka & lemonade), from the Emirates Lounge [Image: Clay Griffith / Cincinnati Refined]

Why This Week Is The Best Staycation Of The Year

Because what's a sporting event without a little midday refreshment?

Let the stars of the tennis world sweat it out on the court. You? You're gonna take a quick trip to the bar and grab a nice, cool libation. Settling in for an installment of world-class tennis action at the Western & Southern Open is, after all, a vacation-esque moment -- a breezy oasis within the course of a busy year.

Sure, folks keep it classy while in their various seats and boxes. (I mean, duh.) Though this event has earned some serious street cred as a deeply authentic, accessible, and just plain fun point within the professional tennis calendar, it still knows how to comport itself. Calm, cool, natural. That's how ya do it.

But after each match has wrapped, once folks start strolling through the Lindner Family Tennis Center (and inevitably happen upon the Emirates Lounge or sprawling food court, home to three individual destination bars) it's fair game.

That's when the vibe shifts gears and becomes what might be reffered to as "classy-light." Or rather, "classy-shaken, not stirred."

From the understated elegance of the Moet Champagne Bar to the laidback cheer of the Michelob Ultra Legends Bar -- not to mention the easy-peasy feel of the numerous concession stations and kiosks positioned throughout the complex -- there's plenty of variety just waiting to be sipped.

Want a quick taste of the invigorating, relaxing, "What day is this? I feel like I'm on vacation!" experience you'll find at the Western & Southern Open? Pull up a stool and check out the photo gallery. We'll join you in a toast to one of the best sports/social events around.

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The Western & Southern Open is taking place in Mason, Ohio, from August 15-23.